Sneak Peek: Fall Fest 2022!



Look for fall leaves floating across your screen during Fall Fest, and click on them to win prizes! This year’s event runs from September 19 – 30, so play every day for the chance to collect as many prizes as you can (limited to 5 prizes a day for free players, 6 for full and 7 for Deluxe).


Here’s a look at this year’s prizes, including a robe and towel wrap, which would be perfect for your pet to wear for a visit to the Kinzville Spa:



If you want the chance to catch Fall Fest leaves while you are playing at the Webkinz Classic Arcade, open and close the WShop while you are at the Arcade, and you’ll start seeing them while you play games!


You’ll also be able to buy bottles of 2022 Fall Fest Soda from the WShop for eStore Points. You’ll find them in the NEW & PROMOS section of the shop, starting September 19.



Every time you feed your pet a bottle of Fall Fest Soda, you’ll win a prize! You’ll also have the chance to win this year’s grand prize: A Kinzville Spa building:



Which prize would you like to win the most? Let us know in the comment section below…


47 Responses to Sneak Peek: Fall Fest 2022!

  1. magda says:

    Has anyone received the corncob horse?? I’ve played every day and collected almost every leaf as a Deluxe player and have not received one.

  2. gemstones14 says:

    The scissors will be perfect for my salon room! Love the Oak furniture too!

  3. cheekycow69 says:

    can you get all the prizes from just the leaves? or do you have to feed your pet the soda?

  4. xLadyCardsx says:

    I want them ALL!!! So Excited!!!

  5. miamama says:

    Great prizes! I love the green apple!

  6. CATSandBATS says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year, in real life and in Webkinz! This has been a really sad summer so I am looking forward to this. Thanks you, Webkinz, for doing all these awesome things in WW to bring some joy to us players.

  7. KSC says:

    What an amazing group of prizes! I especially love the blackberry seeds and spa robe. I’d love that robe irl.

  8. Zooooooz says:

    I NEED the Emerald Gemstone Apple!

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