Sneak Peek: Fall Festival in Webkinz Next!


Fall Festival is returning to Webkinz Next! Starting September 11, 2023, collect leaves in Kinzville to earn beautiful fall prizes.


This year, there are four prizes to collect:


  • Oak Side Table
  • Oak Bench
  • Autumn Stained Glass Window
  • Autumn Stained Glass Divider





Fall Festival runs from September 11-24, 2023 in Webkinz Next.


Which prize are YOU most excited to collect?



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34 Responses to Sneak Peek: Fall Festival in Webkinz Next!

  1. marroncream says:

    Maybe I’m the odd one out here because I adore next (I grew up on classic and am unable to access it due to being mobile bound) and I really love n adore these events, I really hope next continues the development it is because my favorite part of the day is checking news to see what’s upcoming

  2. paduga1 says:

    I hope the bench can go outside. I’m very unhappy with the limitations on furniture placement. The rustic wood bench can’t go outside either. Please allow more items to go outside. I was so happy the new toadstool seat can go outside. I really like these items and look forward to using them.

  3. kristmas07 says:

    I agree with glen09 . I realize that you want to grow webkinz next but it should not be to Classic’s being left out . the gifts above should be able to be on classic too.

    • Gladysomega says:

      Just FYI – those prizes shown above are NOT NEW. They originated in Classic, and, like many other Classic items, have been reworked and repurposed for the Next game. The Oak Side Table is from 2022 Classic Fall Fest, the Oak Bench is from last years Fall Fest Soda, and the Divider and Window are both old Estore items. Ganz is not forgetting about the Classic game. There’s still a Fall Fest planned, but just later this month.

  4. glen09 says:

    should read: …there are LIMITATIONS to what changes…

  5. duckess1 says:

    I have 8 classic accounts and sorry to admit the only 1 has been renewed for Deluxe. I have 2 accounts on Next, 1 deluxe, 1 regular. I can’t seem to find enough time to get to Classic since Next has so many things to get done each day. With 181 pets on my Deluxe Classic I feel sad not enjoying them like I did before Next! Maybe time to slow down on Next. Watching the clock for the cake bakeoff is really time consuming.

  6. glen09 says:

    No mention of a Fall Festival on Webkinz Classic. There’s a clear tendency to focus on events and new developments in Webkinz Next. I think it’s a shame that Classic is becoming the poor relative. I know there are imitations to what changes can be made on the Classic platform, but surely the Fall gifts could be offered to members too…..???

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