Sneak Peek: Free Gift for Moon Monkey Owners January 17 & 18!


There’s a new star in Kinzville – the brand new Moon Monkey! And owners of this cute pet will be over the moon on January 17 and 18 when they get a FREE Supernova ?? Box! To get your free gift, Moon Monkey owners can visit Today’s Activities under the Things To Do menu when you log into Webkinz World. Then drag the ?? Box into your pet’s room to get one of these spectacular Supernova items added to your Dock!


19 Responses to Sneak Peek: Free Gift for Moon Monkey Owners January 17 & 18!

  1. gml1939 says:

    I had the Quilted Robin last month and did get 2 of the 3 bonus gifts – the first day and the third day. But the 2nd day nothing went to my dock. Customer Service basically said, We don’t guarantee gifts. So, I don’t think I’ll spend the money on the monkey and take a chance like that again.

  2. kelly989 says:

    Will owners get one per day or just one for both days?

  3. Neette says:

    HELP PLEASE :) I can not get into the ( FREE PLAY Game ) All four of mine can NOT get into play.. PLEASE HELP

  4. Powerann says:

    Thank you – I’m sure my little Moon Monkey, Quacey, is going to love what he gets!

  5. tinygma says:

    SWITCHAROO Trophy please make it postable my grandson want to make a room game .

  6. tinygma says:

    I want the Monkey ! ! HAVE ALmost ALL of the room items shown . I am missing the bed . But son going for surgery and hot water tank is got to be replace. SO I have to be goo for a month or 2 . IF this pet is still offered I will adopt . I already have 2 sparkly blue dresses just ready to monkey around in. ;)

  7. abbytay123 says:

    Did anyone elses Ganzworld bucks/rewards drop to 0???? I had like 50,000 saved and now there GONE! Help!

    • tinygma says:

      CALL EStore Amanda is real goo at checking and fixing things .

      • tinygma says:

        Sorry shes good at fixing things . She found an unstuck my “Leaf Tiara” . Not much but it was STUCK FOR 4 YEARS !! YEA SHES THAT GOOD !!

        • abbytay123 says:

          Thank you!

        • abbytay123 says:

          Was told there were high call volumes and to send an email so thats what i did. I hope they get back with me soon. I logged in and my avatar keeps changing everytime? I keep mine as a Mud Hippo since that’s my first Webkinz but its been the golden dog and the mammoth now and im worried.

        • abbytay123 says:

          Sorry for so many replies but now everything back to normal?? Just like that? Weird. Maybe their going through maintenance things. But thank you for the advice!

        • webkinz57fun says:

          Sorry for butting in our conversation! I have some Webkinz game problems and am getting no where with emails. You called Estore to have them fix a problem? Can I ask what was the number you called? Thanks for any help!!!

          • mirforbjs says:

            I think that phone number is for eStore problems only (at least that is what I was told). For problems with the Webkinz game itself, you have to just keep emailing them. I’m not sure why they don’t respond sometimes, but just keep trying. Good luck!

          • abbytay123 says:

            They arent responding to any of my emails either. And I recheck to make sure i send to the right customer service email. Im having other problems as well in the share center. Maybe they’re really backed up haha. I just went to CS and clicked “Contact us” and used the number listed.

          • webkinz57fun says:

            Thanks for all the advice! I will keep at it for now!

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