Sneak Peek: Holiday Bake Sale!


The holidays are the perfect time for baking! That’s why we’re excited to announce our new Holiday Bake Sale! From December 11 to 31, there are three ways to collect yummy bake sale foods that you can combine on a stove to create festive items in Webkinz Classic!


This delicious selection includes a brand new cookies based on the adorable Gingerbread Elf!

First, watch for holiday bake sale foods floating around Webkinz Classic from December 11 to 31! Deluxe players can collect up to three foods a day, full players can collect up to two, and free players can collect one!


You can also visit the Gingerbread Elf in the Park in Webkinz Classic to collect one bake sale food a day.


Finally, visit Webkinz Newz where the Holiday Red Reindeer will by joined by the Holiday Silver Reindeer in their Holiday Silver Kitchen where they will be giving out one bake sale food a day!


Look for the Holiday Bake Sale Cookbook which will be added to your Webkinz Classic Dock between December 11 and 31 to find out how to make one of the following festive items:

23 Responses to Sneak Peek: Holiday Bake Sale!

  1. hannah5banana says:

    I can’t wait to make the rug. I have plenty of the other items but for some reason I don’t have this item in any of my accounts. Thanks Ganz :)

    • BettyTosty says:

      Me too! The rug is the only item I don’t have. Neither does my brother, and he usually makes sure to collect everything he can. I am definitely going to try to make a few.

  2. Elfinlike says:

    Thank you for another fun Bake Sale! I love all the prizes, as well as the food being offered!!!

  3. catloverdoglover says:

    I love them! It look’s like it is ment for last years room theme! I love it! Thanks for always making Webkinz a great place! I am 10 and I still love this game! PS you have great animals!

  4. machaela says:

    Love the food prizes and especially the rug. Way to go team!

  5. babytwinkleavfk says:

    I was very excited about the fact that we’re making old Christmas items, but now i’m dissapointed. I know all of these themes and have collected all of the items shown above. I’ll stil get them anyway and maybe trade them.

  6. KarenaJ says:

    Excited to make the potted tree, mailbox, snow covered pines and the holly rug.

  7. TRINSTER says:

    Oh my gosh the foods are so cute I hate to bake with them — but I really want those prizes, especially that rug! What a dilemma! LOL

  8. mochidochi says:

    So fun and such good prizes! Yay!

  9. ojibwa says:

    So happy for this! I love the Bake Sales, and these prizes are great — especially that rug!

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