SNEAK PEEK: July Employee of the Month Challenge!


The July Employee of the Month Challenge starts on FRIDAY, JULY 1st, and players who complete all 3 tasks will win a KinzPost Cap for your pet to wear while they work at their NEW KinzPost Conveyor Belt!




Click on the Employee of the Month icon in your pet’s room to review your tasks. Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete the challenge as some tasks may take some time to complete. The tasks in this challenge include:


  • Complete the KinzPost Sorter Job 3 times at the Employment Office
  • Break time! Feed your pet 5 Apples from the W-Shop
  • Back to work! Buy a Large KinzPost Package from the W-Shop



What is YOUR favorite job in the Employment Office? Let us know in the comments below!



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13 Responses to SNEAK PEEK: July Employee of the Month Challenge!

  1. Funny283 says:

    Such a cool delivery truck! 🚚

  2. TRINSTER says:

    I actually have the hat — Fiona sent it to me once when I sent her a present! The sorter is a very cool prize and I’m super excited to get this! There are so many great package and letter things available now, I think I can make an awesome post office! I need a bed that look like a package now! LOL!

  3. Flappyseals says:

    My favorite job is News Delivery.

  4. Austenshire says:

    This is really cool.

  5. KarenaJ says:

    Can’t wait, this is going to retire a redecoration of my post office.

  6. Alphaowlbear says:

    This is a great prize, thank you! Kinzpost Sorter is my favorite job and I admit I am addicted to it. There are 3 more clothing items that go with the hat – shirt, pants, and mailbag. You can get them by adding Fiona Feathers to your friends list and send her a letter every day. Sometimes she just sends back a letter, but other times with send pieces of her outfit or a cute little mailbox. :-)

  7. Strawberrykinz72 says:

    Oh! I love these items! So cute!

  8. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    Aww, cute! That KinzPost Sorter job is kinda fun lol

  9. j9e9n9n9y9 says:

    That is an awesome prize! I usually don’t go for these challenges, but this one I will!

  10. webkinzwizard02 says:

    Oh that is just too cute! I can’t wait to redo my Kinzpost office room with the new prizes!

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