Sneak Peek: Ladybug

The sweet Ladybug adores flitting around their meticulous garden!  Give them an adorable place to store their gardening clothes with the darling Sweet Spotted Wardrobe. And don’t forget to bring a bowl of Crunchy Leaf Coleslaw to their next garden party — it’s the perfect dish for an outdoor get-together!

Keep your eyes on Webkinz Newz to learn how you can get your hands on the virtual Ladybug!

141 Responses to Sneak Peek: Ladybug

  1. tifferbop says:

    Really really really wish that Ganz would have made this ladybug a plush. :(

  2. 61323163 says:

    Cool pet! Although sadly, it says in the article that it’s a virtual only pet, so sadly I’m thinking that it will be eStore. I kind of understand, because it’s hard to make these kind of pets in plush, but yet a part of me still wants them in plush. I think Ganz should do more insects/bugs! They already did a Caterpillar, a Snail (it wasn’t realistic though, it was a Candy Kinz or something, they should make a realistic one!), this lady bug and possibly others that I forgot about. It would be nice to see a bee, a butterfly (after typing “butterfly”, I feel like I’ve seen a butterfly Webkinz before!), and maybe a dragon fly! But the dragon fly, being so complex and beautiful, would obviously need to be eStore if Ganz went full-out with detail!

  3. snowball31802 says:

    YES! There’s finally a ladybug! In 2009 I had an idea for the lil Kinz Ladybug and now it’s finally happened!

  4. 594nat says:

    When I saw this article I was super excited to see the design, but when I saw it’s virtual pet I was so upset! :-( It would be so cute as a plush! By the way awesome PSI and PSF!

  5. arj21798 says:

    i need this pet to go in my toadstool theme garden!!

  6. webkinzvidz12 says:

    I need this, my catterpillar (sp?) needs a buddy!

  7. Lisamarie580 says:

    tsk tsk tsk another webkinz pet that im not a fan of ya its cute but i mean can we have another puppy besides a grusum beast or a single plush pet this month?

  8. alonnia_01 says:

    LOVE IT !!

  9. kin2832 says:

    it looks so cute!!!:) Also the items look cute!!!:)

  10. KarenC says:

    Yes! This is cute! Great idea! Please experiment with different kinds of animals, not as many remakes of the same kind! :)

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