Sneak Peek: Ladybug

The sweet Ladybug adores flitting around their meticulous garden!  Give them an adorable place to store their gardening clothes with the darling Sweet Spotted Wardrobe. And don’t forget to bring a bowl of Crunchy Leaf Coleslaw to their next garden party — it’s the perfect dish for an outdoor get-together!

Keep your eyes on Webkinz Newz to learn how you can get your hands on the virtual Ladybug!

141 Responses to Sneak Peek: Ladybug

  1. superdoglover465 says:

    cool I dont rilly like bugs

  2. tygermarie says:

    how about a DUDEbug??

  3. Clau says:

    Very cute :3 I WANT THIS LADYBUG! <33333

  4. nyanponies1 says:

    omg,this is too cute to be real.

  5. fairy16flower says:

    Okay, I will get this as soon as it comes out, I LOVE ladybugs!!

  6. lulatheweiner says:

    how do you get it? also please add :D

  7. itsadventuretime23 says:

    love it

  8. Iluvsticker says:

    This is so cute! I’ve always thought a ladybug was a good idea and that they should make one. Another idea is a spider. The food would be spider web supreme (A spider web with flies drizzled in chocolate) and the items would be a spider sleepy bed (A spider web with purple pillows). Hope you like this idea! ~Ghastie~

  9. gledenchild says:

    i had made a lady bug it and it gets crunchy leaf chips and a leafy couch and i want it to be a plushie:D :[ still cute

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