Look For Floating Eggs March 26 – April 4


From March 26 to April 4, collect Milk Chocolate Eggs on your Webkinz Classic account and feed them to your pet to win prizes! White Chocolate Eggs will also be available at the WShop for eStore Points starting March 26. Every time you feed one to your pet, you’ll win a spring themed prize that was designed to match the Milk Chocolate Egg prizes!



There are several ways to find Milk Chocolate Eggs during this event:


  • Get 1 egg daily. It will automatically be awarded to your Dock as soon as you log in
  • Look for floating eggs and click on one to have it added to your account (limited to 4 eggs a day for free players, 5 for full players and 6 for Deluxe Members)
  • Spin the Wheel of Yum daily at Today’s Activities for the chance to get up to 3 more eggs a day
  • Check for egg giveaways at Today’s Activities


Every time you feed your pet a Milk Chocolate Egg, you’ll win a prize. Here a look at what you can win:



Remember, White Chocolate Egg will also be available during this event. You’ll be able to find them in the NEW & PROMOS section of the WShop, starting on March 26. They will be available individually, or you can buy them in cartons of six.


Every time you feed your pet a White Chocolate Egg, you’ll win a prize OR one of two chocolate cottage grand prizes!


Here’s a look at what you can win:




If you’d like the chance to collect Milk Chocolate Eggs from our past Chocolate Egg Events, visit the Kinzville Park from March 25 – April 3. The Butterflies will be handing out a different egg daily. CLICK HERE to see the schedule!


The last day of the Chocolate Egg Events falls on Spring Celebration, April 4. When you log in to your Webkinz Classic account on April 4, you be awarded a special Spring Celebration Gift Basket filled with prizes. You can drag you gift basket into your room to open it!



Watch Podkinz episode 156 to learn more about this event!



47 Responses to Look For Floating Eggs March 26 – April 4

  1. frozenanna2 says:


  2. Tomaycia says:

    will I be able to visit the park and get the floating eggs on the mobile app

  3. cowtown2 says:

    i LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry I don’t have luck on winning things its always money for me I really do love this room, thanks webkinz and ganz thank you all, been having a hard time you make my day much better i thank you all for everything in these times, thanks really from the bottom of my heart, I love webkinz, you all make it so great and exciting, the items are really great, I know we have had some troubles us all , things are not working out, we I mean me panic, i thing its been really more stress, than usual, on all so love to all thanks be safe have fun, and enjoy today enjoy everyday on webkinz, take time to have fun we need a day of fun here, and my cousin says thanks for the free deluxe week she loved it, she needed one more day to get the deluxe month challenge that awesome ice cream truck, but she did get some of her challenges done, they are so fun, if they are not to hard, thanks. happy Easter to all.

  4. rainyukl says:

    I love the dress and the flowered hair pieces, I hope I get them all :)

  5. PEBBLES1973 says:

    i want all except the creek tiles and flowers

  6. KSC says:

    I love the lilies! The gorgeous flowers in Webkinz world are a highlight of each spring, especially since my IRL spring flowers get eaten by the squirrels, chipmunks and deer :( Perhaps we can have some new iris plants for next spring?

  7. frankie98 says:

    Love these new prizes! Thank you ganz!

  8. emster7 says:

    These prizes are great! The only ones I’m not excited about are the creek tiles. But at least your pet can walk over them!

  9. mochidochi says:

    I’m so excited for this!

  10. ojibwa says:

    Can’t wait for these! Gorgeous prizes!

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