Sneak Peek: Magic W Floaty Clicky Event!


Look for the floating Magic W on your Webkinz Classic account starting on February 1, and click on it to win a prize! There are ten prizes to collect, including the grand prize: a Fine Chocolatier Shop:



Free players are limited to one prize a day, free two, and Deluxe players can collect up to three prizes a day.


This event ends on Friday, February 9, so play every day for the best chance to win the grand prize!


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37 Responses to Sneak Peek: Magic W Floaty Clicky Event!

  1. Flowers075 says:

    I won the Fine Chocolatier Shop on both of my Magic floaty W’s today. I checked the New Tab to make sure and it showed 2 next to the shop. When I logged back in, they are not in my dock or in the map. Could you please tell me where to find them? And thanks for all your time and hard work!

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