SNEAK PEEK: March Deluxe Challenge!


The March Deluxe Monthly Challenge starts on MONDAY, MARCH 1ST, and players who complete all 3 tasks will win a Busy City Ice Cream Cone, a Busy City Pretzel, and a NEW Food Truck Fridge!





Click on the Deluxe Challenge icon in your pet’s room to review your tasks. Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete your Deluxe Monthly Challenges as some tasks may take some time to complete. This month’s tasks:


  • Earn 150 KinzCash playing Pizza Palace at the Arcade
  • Spin the Wheel of Wishes 7 times
  • Feed your pet 10 Hot Dogs from the WShop


Not a Deluxe Member? Join before the end of March in order to play March’s Deluxe Challenge!



84 Responses to SNEAK PEEK: March Deluxe Challenge!

  1. Ruby09 says:


  2. bonesbongo says:

    THANK YOU! For correcting the spelling of Kinzville instead of Kinsville on the sign of the Kinzville Food Truck. ;)

  3. string says:

    What am I missing or have misread. How is wheel Of Wishes working? I played & didn’t get credit 4 playing. Any help is great.

  4. princejackson5 says:

    Such a fun and creative prize!!! I love the food truck! :D I can’t wait to complete the challenges!

  5. mojo18x2 says:

    i have trouble with pizza palace,

    • threehounds says:

      mojo18x2 You just keep trying and you will get better at the game.

    • cowtown2 says:

      i don’t know if this helps you but i alwyas get the shoes first to help make me move faster the gold ones then i upgrade the pizza dough maker i use two of them to just keep makeing pizza ahead, like you can kinda remember that the first ones are always one slice and and a half, then after like the seventh you have to make full pizza , so i add the topping part so i have places to put pizza, to kinda be a head of the orders, i hope this helps, gold shoes and extra dough maker then the part you ad toppings, upgrade at least one , i have like three dough makers at once, i stay ahead to much sometimes, lol good luck you can do it,

  6. habibi24 says:

    I love this truck!!! Can’t wait to win it. Thanks for making a free deluxe preview week so that everyone has a chance to win it. I am a deluxe player already, but not all of my family’s accounts are. Now they can get it too! :)

  7. Katz1259 says:

    Will you please correct the spelling on the side of truck before awarding them as prizes?! Since day 1 Webkinz have been spelled with a Z on the end, not an S. The same goes with Kinzville. It just doesn’t look correct with the named spelled at Kinsville.

  8. gmforlife says:

    Use a pet that has high agility score ( level 10) To play dolphin game. You will get a higher score each time

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Really?!? I will give that a try! Can’t be any worse!

      • Ajoy65 says:

        Hi gmforlife, I wish I saw this suggestion sooner. I just gave up on the game, too stressful just to get one or two kinzcash at a time. My left and right cursor were not working on my laptop. I could go up and down no problem but wouldn’t even move when I tried side to side. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get that cute dolphin trophy some other time. Ajoy65 :)

  9. alucard says:

    Nice Food Truck Fridge! However, wouldn’t it have been really cool to have it be a dispenser instead of a fridge? Think about how cool it would be to have your Food Truck in an outside room and your pet could go click on the truck and get a random food like a hamburger, hot dog, ice cream, or pretzel with cheese? That would have been really cool. Still, it will be nice to have another fridge. Oh, and PLEASE fix the misspelled “Kinzville” on the food truck. ;-)

    • Wingsfan65 says:

      I know, I’m torn about which one I’d prefer, too–a fridge or a dispenser. I think the randomness of the dispenser (as you described it) is slightly more appealing, though :) And yes, *please* fix the misspelled “Kinzville” on the food truck sign.

  10. chocolatemermaid8 says:

    amazing prize!!! and LUV the challange! I agree, happy that it is Pizza Palace! and not a game like dashing dolphins. That game is hard for me. i won’t bbe getting that trophey!

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