Sneak Peek: Meet the Mayor! March 1 – 8


Goober is inviting you to meet him at the Kinzville park! Read his message below:



“Friends, I am so excited for my first Meet the Mayor event as mayor of Kinzville! I invite you all to visit me at the Kinzville Park from March 1 – 8. I’ll be handing out gifts every day which contain a special souvenir! There are four to collect, so I encourage you to visit me every day for the best chance to collect them all. I look forward to meeting you at the park… It’s going to be a blast!”


Here’s a look at what you can win:


Are you going to visit Goober at the Kinzville Park? Let us know in the comment section below…


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17 Responses to Sneak Peek: Meet the Mayor! March 1 – 8

  1. MinnieClover says:

    Has anyone else had trouble finding your mayor coin after you’ve gotten it? I got one but it isn’t under the “Special Items” or any other tab. :/

  2. hailey23498 says:

    Hi I have a question. I have been a member for quite a while now. There was a retro rainbow themed box in the monthly deluxe box that was glitched a while back. Since then for the past at least 3 months in my monthly deluxe box I have only received a retro rainbow themed box. I think this is an issue with all deluxe users. I now have enough retro rainbow furniture for like three rooms lol. How can I change this or is it another glitch? Is anyone else only receiving retro rainbow themed boxes in their monthly deluxe packages?

  3. annm2990 says:

    Oh no! Mayor Goober, has your fame gone to your head? Most of these prizes have your picture on them. Be careful. You don’t want to be the next Dex!!

  4. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Nice! I really hope I can get myself a few of those posters, plushies, and googles. (Never been a huge fan of the coins… since they’re “collectible”, I feel bad selling them, but yet I always need the kinzcash ,XD) I’m so glad to see some new Goober merch in Webkinz Classic!

  5. choover143 says:

    I can’t wait :) See you soon!

  6. cowtown2 says:

    i love the hat its a great item for us on webkinz hint hint.

  7. cowtown2 says:

    i cant wait to see you mayor goober thank you so much for everything your doing a great job, I hope your not working to much, enjoy being our mayor, and have a great day, thank you so much can’t wait to meet you.

  8. alucard says:

    I love the Goober plushy and yellow goggles. The coin is okay, as I will just add that to my KinzCash. The picture is nice, but I doubt I’ll put it on a wall. Will probably sell it for KinzCash, too.

  9. ojibwa says:

    I’ll be there every day!

  10. mfaull says:

    I will visit Goober of course, but not too excited by the prizes. Sorry!

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