Sneak Peek: Plush Teacup Yorkie!


We’re spilling the tea on a new plush pet coming soon to Webkinz World! Meet the adorable new Teacup Yorkie!



This plush pet comes with two codes – one for an avatar in Webkinz Classic, and one for an avatar in Webkinz Next!



Each virtual pet comes with its own Pet Specific Food (PSF) and Pet Specific Item (PSI). The Teacup Yorkie loves its delightful Teatime Scones, and its elegant Tea Party Buffet dispenses a snack every day. In Classic it gives out Fancy Biscuits, while in Next it dispenses a random Tea Sandwich, either Cucumber, Egg Salad, or Salmon.


In Webkinz Next, every pet comes with three Sparks. You can combine Sparks from two different pets to spark adorable Webkinz babies!




This new plush pet will make a sweet addition to your Webkinz family! And that’s the tea!

63 Responses to Sneak Peek: Plush Teacup Yorkie!

  1. hungrylion72 says:

    Cute! Love the PSI!

  2. KSC says:

    I’m getting hungry thinking about scones and sandwiches! XD

  3. Springshimmer says:

    Awww! That plush looks soo cute lol. ^^

  4. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    Ngl, I saw this is a wolf but aw, this pet is adorable!! My mom has the other Classic version if the teacup yorkie and his name is Moose =)

  5. JadeSweetSummer3 says:

    I agree with catgirl too

  6. JadeSweetSummer3 says:

    I wish it was a cat I love cats

  7. JadeSweetSummer3 says:

    Ummm I thought there already was a brown yorkie on Webkinz next sorry I like the original yorkie better

  8. hannah5banana says:

    This pet is adorable. I may just have to get her! On a separate note… will the ghost pet buddy or Wanda fairy pet buddy ever be included in a tricky Tuesday special? I really want to get one for a few of my accounts.

    • booreeves says:

      The ghost buddy and the fairy buddy are on Webkinz Classic so you can still get one but I don’t know if you need to buy them with Estore points and they’re at the Wshop and just look for buddies on Wshop on Webkinz Classic.I hope this helps because I can’t remember where I found the buddies and I know it’s in a section but I don’t know where

  9. maizzey says:

    I feel selling this alongside the plush is unfair, as they truly look nothing alike. I would’ve expected the plush to resemble the model MUCH more! At least give us a lighter colored, moustache snout!! I enjoy the unique model, and I like that this pet looks very different from the others and even the existing Yorkshire Terrier too! I just wish that same effort had been put towards the plush. I would rather this be a virtual-only pet, as I don’t feel this plush is worth grabbing when it really doesn’t look like the pet. This also means the Classic version, which is modeled more on the plush, looks nothing like a Yorkie either. I think that’s a real shame :( But again, I enjoy the 3D model and the new PSI and PSF, I think effort went towards designing those and making them unique.

    • BH1464 says:

      I agree with everything you said, maizzey. You’ve put into words exactly how I felt as soon as I saw the plush and the in-game(s) look of this pet. If it did not specifically say it was supposed to be a “Yorkie” I would’ve had absolutely no idea what it was. Please make both the plush and the in-game(s) representation of further pets actually resemble the pet they’re supposed to portray. I will not be purchasing this one even though it’s PSI is a dispenser. (I collect dispensers. More so in Classic, but have also started in Next.) I also will not purchase any future pets that have no resemblance to the pet they’re supposed to portray. Just my personal preference.

  10. catgirl3004 says:

    I’m very disappointed to see that it’s another dog plush. It feels like every other release has been a dog. We’ve been getting such cute cat pets that are online-only, when are we going to see another cat plushie? A Persian cat plush or a tortoiseshell cat plush would be so cute!

    • minnottes says:

      Agreed, catgirl3004.

    • lemony says:

      or a totally different pet all together. There are so many options out there.

      • crystalfawns53 says:

        I completely agree with all of you. I just wish that the plush could just be something other than a dog honestly. Other four legged pets that I could think of would be a winter raccoon (modeled like the winterfest raccoon plush virtual item), a fox, or even a sheep.

      • catgirl3004 says:

        While I agree it could be anything, I really want a cat. We have only ever gotten TWO cats, and one of them is a lion so it’s really like we only have one small cat (compared to five or six small dogs!). Both were also released over a full year ago—no cats since April 2022, and one of them (grey tabby) isn’t even available anymore. We’ve been getting so many cool animals, like the horse and sloth and panda and cow, and they’re lovely! But, I feel like we’re overdue for a *cat.* :(

        • JadeSweetSummer3 says:

          I know I get that feeling catgirl I want ganz to make another cat I feel like GANZ makes too many dogs and hardly any cats

        • booreeves says:

          Now I know who the Catgirl is and I agreed with you. It’s time to see some cats or how about a Sea lion or penguins but if you guys do another dog plush please make it a black poodle.

    • MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

      Dogs seem to be the most “pup-ular” (sorry pun alert) choices, but I agree. I NEEEEED A tortoiseshell cat in my life. Tbh, I’m not too big on cats (horses are mainly my thing) but yeah, there are so many other options out there to explore. Would love to see a dragon or a RABBIT plush, eek!! Also would kinda like a fisher too and the list goes on and on and on and around and again.

    • BH1464 says:

      I agree catgirl3004. Even though I’m actually much more of a dog person IRL, a tortoiseshell cat plush would be really great! Or, as lemony said, “a totally different pet all together. There are so many options out there.”

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