SNEAK PEEK: Tile Towers Trophy Challenge!


Hey there trophy collectors! The Tile Towers Trophy Challenge starts on Monday, June 10th—but don’t leave it to last minute… You’ll only have until Sunday, June 16th (midnight, Eastern Standard Time), to complete it!





Here’s how to play. On June 10th, look for the Tile Towers Trophy Challenge icon on your Webkinz account. It will be displayed along the left side of the screen (web only):





Click on the icon to review your tasks. There are 3 tasks you’ll need to complete by midnight, June 16th (EST) to earn the Tile Towers Trophy:


  1. Earn 200 KinzCash playing Tile Towers in the Arcade ( only)
  2. Spend 350 KinzCash at the Curio Shop
  3. Spin the Wheel of WOW 4 times


Play Tile Towers at the Arcade on and try to get the highest score possible by making matches and clearing as many tiles from the tower as you can!







Complete the Challenge by Sunday, June 16th (midnight, Eastern Standard Time), to win the trophy along with the Pyramid Wallpaper for your pet’s room!





Do you have any Tile Towers game tips or tricks? Let us know in the comments below!



49 Responses to SNEAK PEEK: Tile Towers Trophy Challenge!

  1. iconicblonde says:

    does this mean win 200 kc in one game or 200 kinzcash overall

  2. alucard says:

    One of my favorite games to play! I’m not much on collecting trophies, but I will definitely want this one. I’ll put it in my Egyptian themed room. Now…if only Webkinz would put all the Egyptian themed room items in the WShop…..hint! hint! ;-)

  3. Alphaowlbear says:

    Hi Ganz – I just logged into my account using the Mobile App. After receiving my login food, the Pop up news informed my of a trophy challenge for Zingoz Switcherooz during June 10 – 16 instead of Tile Towers. Is this a mistake or is it something additional since Switcherooz was featured in the last Podkinz?

  4. _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

    Oof, this game is tricky! I still don’t totally understand it. Why do some tiles match and others don’t? It’s about as confusing as Atlantiles. =P I hope I can get this trophy anyway.

    • dippyear says:

      These towers are 3D in tile towers. You start at the edges & tops and work your way in or down. Hope that helps! You can also get hints if you are stuck.

  5. cluesolover says:

    Also, that’s a gorgeous room, DRTOLL! It looks so serene and beautiful. I want to come over and hang out there :-).

  6. cluesolover says:

    Woohoo! I love this game! And the wall paper is a great bonus. Thank you, Ganz!

  7. barkopinko1916 says:

    the only game where i turn the sound on for because the tune’s a bop. hopefully should be easy enough

  8. CaroleF says:

    Love this game, and the trophy is very nice!

  9. sparkles1117 says:

    I love tile tower game.

  10. iluvlions20 says:

    Love this game. Can’t wait for the challenge to start! Did anyone else not get their deluxe box this month?

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