SNEAK PEEK: Zingoz Pie Throw Trophy Challenge!


Hey there trophy collectors! The Zingoz Pie Throw Trophy Challenge starts on Monday, August 19th—but don’t leave it to last minute… You’ll only have until Sunday, August 25th (midnight, Eastern Standard Time), to complete it!





Here’s how to play. On August 19th, look for the Zingoz Pie Throw Trophy Challenge icon on your Webkinz account. It will be displayed along the left side of the screen (web only):





Click on the icon to review your tasks. There are 3 tasks you’ll need to complete by midnight, August 25th (EST) to earn the Zingoz Pie Throw Trophy:


  1. Earn 200 KinzCash playing Zingoz Pie Throw in the Arcade
  2. Make 15 Wishes Playing Wishing Well 2 in the Arcade
  3. Feed your pet 10 pieces of Cherry Pie from the WShop


Play Zingoz Pie Throw at the Arcade on and/or the Webkinz desktop app! Try to get the highest score possible by hitting Zingoz carrying pies with your own pies before they hit you!


PLEASE NOTE: Zingoz Pie Throw is only available to Deluxe Members.





Complete the Challenge by Sunday, August 25th (midnight, Eastern Standard Time), to win the trophy along with a couple of pies for eating instead of throwing!





Do you have any Zingoz Pie Throw game tips or tricks? Let us know in the comments below!


43 Responses to SNEAK PEEK: Zingoz Pie Throw Trophy Challenge!

  1. Serendipitydoda says:

    Too bad they put the pie throw game up as Game of the Day today instead of when/after the Challenge started. Oh, well.

  2. onesmarty says:

    I’m fine that it’s not a game that’s available to non deluxe. My brother when he was little would just laugh and laugh at this so I played it too much since he found it hilarious, and I was so bored so I’m fine with it now being deluxe only.

  3. mfaull says:

    Not totally on topic, but when I play games at the arcade I am blown away by the extremely high scores folks are obtaining on some of these games.!

  4. ImaPepper says:

    This will be an interesting challenge–Zingoz Pie Throw is hilarious. I haven’t played in a while, but I remember that the red pies come in FAST! So tackle those quickly or you’ll get hit. It’s also good to try and time your throws just as the Zingoz come up over the ridges. It’s easier to predict where they will appear in the first levels…they move sideways more in higher levels. I haven’t gotten very far in the game, but it’s silly and fun. Good luck, everyone!

  5. zurizaige says:

    So sad that it is only for Deluxe Members, how can you have two challenges for regular members and than throw one in for Deluxe,not very fair.

  6. obie987 says:

    I wish they would make lake tiles in the shopping bags in spree like they did the road tiles. It was fun opening the bags and finding a straight piece of road. The anticipation of hoping for a road tile and even when it wasn’t there you knew next time it might be, added to the fun of spree. Plus it would be nice to have more lake tiles.

  7. kg17sw says:

    I love that room! Wish I could get that wallpaper again…miss that theme. Anyways, the trophy challenge looks cool! :)

  8. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    I love this game… And 1Miruna, that room is spectacular!

  9. duckess1 says:

    1miruna, Houses on Water should definitely be a big winner! It is put together perfectly! What talent! Keep up the wonderful designs.

  10. ringneck1 says:

    Oh my goodness…that room…is gorgeous. I wish I could make more lake tiles >.<

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