Sophie Loses the Recipes!


Oh no!

Adventure Scout

Sophie has been helping lead the Adventure Scouts on some cool winter camping adventures during Winterfest. And part of their adventure was developing three yummy new recipes using the Adventure Scout Trail Mix that Sophie has been handing out in the Clubhouse.

Adventure Scout
But while the Adventure team was taking their canoes across an icy river to deliver the new recipes to the W Shop so they could be added to the Adventure Scout Cookbook, a winter wind whipped up and blew the recipes out of the canoe! Worse – the recipes landed in the water and sunk! It’s just too cold for Sophie to go into the water to look for them.

Adventure Scout
What is she going to do?

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  1. HolyGround says:

    I actually have a few water pets, including a dolphin, orca whale, and seahorse. I am not sure if a seahorse and dolphin are ok in cold water or how big the river is, but I could send them out to help you, I’m sure they would be happy to help! If I had a beaver, I would also send the beaver to dam the river (temporarily) to help you

  2. zippeezappy says:

    Sounds like her dog ate her homework.

  3. WEBKINZFAN999 says:

    Guys I feel like there will be something big happening soon!

  4. Ndume2004 says:

    Awww, poor Sophie. Look at that sad face in the picture.

  5. 3sp says:

    Just get a pet like the Otter to go get them for you.

  6. mimi1960 says:

    where are cthses recipes posted

  7. frozenanna2 says:

    Use a Fishing Pole! Because if you go where the recipes fell, you can use a Hook to get them back! And reel the Recipes back in the Canoe! Lmk if this works! :)❤

  8. string says:

    Maybe these are more new recipes, I think another challenge is on the way! You know we will help you Sophie. We will make it happen!

  9. User48 says:

    I want them bad,but cant seem to get a moonberry! Although I trrrry and trrry! HEEEELP SOMEBODY PLZZZZ!!!:(

  10. alucard says:

    I think the recipes will be found soon, since they have already been posted here on Webkinz Newz, as other players have said. I am would LOVE to see them remove having to use two of our precious Jumbleberry Field Berries, the Pickleberry and the hard to get, Moonberry. Honestly, the only “new” prize worth getting is the Campfire, which looks really nice. I’ll use at least one of my Pickleberries for that. The bridge is cool, for those creating a room that needs that rocky bridge. For me, it’s not worth wasting a Moonberry. As for the “Adventure Plaque”, nope! Have no desire for that. BUT….I know that there are many many players in Webkinz World that will see be creating awesome room designs using these new Adventure items. Just because I don’t really care for them, doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy seeing the rooms that some of the Webkinz Players will create. I LOVE looking at all the room designs. Sometimes I am so inspired by what I see! Can’t wait to see the new Adventure rooms! Inspire me! :-) But, I’m still not using my precious Moonberries! ;-) Ha!

    • Fedorovgirl says:

      It might be just my imagination, but it seems to be easier to win Moonberries since the pandemic (ie. the game is more “generous”)… so I am /definitely/ going to use mine in the recipes :) As for the missing recipes, I think I sense a new Challenge (hopefully a Community Challenge lol) coming….

    • Tommythepanda says:

      I agree that berries from Jumbleberry Fields are quite valuable at the rate they are awarded. I wonder if we’ll ever be able to use the sour version of the berries (from the seed giveaway while back) in their place in recipes?

    • queenz says:

      I’m keeping all my berries in jars for the foreseeable future. There are many things I want from Jumbleberry Fields.

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