Special Message

November 11, 2015


Dear Webkinz Fans,


Two years ago we came up with an idea. An idea to make some big changes to Webkinz.com to prepare it for its second decade of online fun. That idea was affectionately known as Webkinz X.   Our goal was to give your pets more life and more importance in your day-to-day Webkinz play, and furthermore, reward you for being a great caregiver to your family of pets.


After two years of hard work by the Webkinz team, including many long nights and weekends, Webkinz X has arrived.


What you will see is just the beginning. Over the next few months we will be dramatically increasing the ways to increase your Family Score, and teach your pets new requests so that you have more ways to care for them. It’s going to be a lot of fun for everyone, whether you’re a collector, a gamer, or just like playing in the room.


This first release of Webkinz X does have some issues. We have not made a release this large since… well since we first launched the game 10 years ago. Included in this release is a completely rewritten My Room. This new Room has built from the ground up to give us the ability to add new, exciting features to the Room, many of which you’ve been asking about for a long time.


As part of this rewrite, all 17,000+ items in Webkinz World had to be reworked for the new Room. While we got most of these items to work, some are not 100% perfect yet. Some items are not animating properly and other are missing their images. We know that these will be of concern to you, so we have a team dedicated to making these items right, and we will be making regular updates (every few days) until every item is done.


Please use the links below to see which items are not working properly. These pages will be kept updated with the latest information, so check them regularly.   Additionally, some popular features are currently disabled (Pet Actions) or changed (Gardening) as we continue to make improvements to our new Room. All of these features will be returning to how you know and love them.   Thank you for your patience as we make these important and exciting changes to Webkinz World. The future has arrived!



The whole team at Webkinz World.



CLICK HERE to see a list of Fixed Items



CLICK HERE to see a list of Incomplete Items



CLICK HERE to see a list of Missing Items



If you cannot log in OR if you are logging in and seeing a frozen screen, please follow these steps:

  1) Clear your cache (especially in Chrome). Click here to learn how or on your Chrome browser tab, hit Options>History>Clear History>Clear Cache.


2) Check that your Flash Player is up to date.


3) Re-type your password in the login box to light up the Log In button. Saved passwords won’t light it up until you re-type it.


4) Try a new browser.


5) If you’re still experiencing issues, contact Customer Support at webkinzsupport@ganz.com.

993 Responses to Special Message

  1. CrazyCoolCandy says:

    Are the TVs ever going to be fixed? I loved watching all the little shows. Watching Chef Gazpacho was how I learned most of my recipes back then.

    • PandaSkittles13 says:

      I also loved those cute shows… It would be awesome for Webkinz to fix them. I just ordered the Husky Pup, and it will be here next week, and I want it to have the BEST Webkinz World POSSIBLE!

  2. Lillyiber says:

    Is Webkinz World Webkinz X?

  3. duckess1 says:

    It has been way too many years to wait for items we paid a lot of money for to be fixed. Writing, calling, leaving notes like this does not work. It has been quite a long time since we have had an updated fixed list. It nice to have a TV in your rooms but it is not good when it does not do what is advertised. Like play!!!

  4. mbengel says:

    I have been on Webkinz since March 13, 2008 and I have been waiting for Webkinz to fix items that have been broken for YEARS…mainly the Disco floors which I have on 4 of my $$$$ accounts…too much money spent for items that no longer work while all the time Webkinz wants us to purchase more items and more Deluxe accounts. I am tired of the winning demanding, selfish, ungrateful pets …and if I hear the Goldfish ask me one more time to brush its teeth, while I am trying to work my account, I am going to FLUSH that goldfish down the toilet of a Webkinz bathroom.

  5. kryn1244 says:

    How do you get your pet to watch TV? I click on it and nothing happens. Also the Kinzapedia doesn’t show the pictures of the pets. And I’ve tried two different browsers.

  6. Karahjoy6 says:

    I was wondering why the the wouldn’t turn on!!! It used to be one of my fave things to watch the Monkey and Monkey show but then it wasn’t working. I’m happy to know it’s not working for a reason and it will be good in the end. Just wondering. Someday in the future could we put music in rooms? That would be so cool

  7. Cubluv191 says:

    Still have a stuck wallpaper in an outside room on my daughter’s account. Submitted ticket, email, etc. Not used to it taking so long to fix an issue. =(

  8. IndigoZap says:

    Can you fix the Modern Sound Waves? I miss the music to it.

  9. kitterztoo says:

    I was away from Webkinz for a number of years. I logged on only to find a number of the items you say are fixed aren’t on my account. Many are pet of the month exclusive items like the snow machine aren’t fixed in my room. I know I haven’t been in WW for some time, and I tried moving it to my dock and back into the room, but it still doesn’t throw any snow. Many of the sound effects are also missing. Is this because of the conversion, or is it just easier to remove the sounds permanently?

    • motherk says:

      I, too was gone for a number of years. The changes were dramatic to find but I was grateful to be able to log back in and continue now with more generations of kids in the family. But a lot of our items do not work. Our snowblower doesn’t work either. None of our tv’s work. The bubble blower Wacky, and many other animations no longer work. Grateful the garden seeds still work, and are automatic, which is nice. Overall we like the changes, although sometimes the pet interaction is a little much, when you are on an adventure or other focused activity, the pet making arbitrary demands is not only highly annoying and distracting but aggravating that your pet’s happiness level is affected when you are not doing anything or harm them or neglect them. Just some thoughts…

  10. kinzwars says:

    Every update I check to see if the ability to sell a room has been added. We have been hearing forever about being able to sell rooms or at least move or remove doors in our rooms. Is it still going to happen? Thanks

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