Special Report With Sally Webkinz



It’s hard to believe that another Acorn Collection has come around! I don’t know about you, but I’m loving these new fall-themed pieces. They look great, without being in-your-face acorn everything. (There’s a place for that, too, of course… but these items can go in so many different rooms!)





Of course, collecting acorns made me think about foods featuring acorns… and I was surprised that there were actually so few! Check them out:



We’re only a few days into the Acorn Collection, but I know I’m planning on going at least twice through. How many times do you think you can collect all the prizes? What kind of acorn treat do you think we should add to Webkinz World?

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  1. alilkitten says:

    Sadly, I won’t even be able to complete it one time around. For some reason, whenever I click on the Ask Friends button, nothing happens. I would be able to complete it once if I was on every day but with school, that isn’t possible for me. :(

  2. Alphaowlbear says:

    I love the different views from the Windows and the little apple side table next to Mandy :-)

  3. Queencows says:

    Acorn Pasta. Like Spaghetti and meatballs but with acorns instead.

  4. megamom12 says:

    Sally Webkinz, you have got to be one of the cutest little snakes around! You always dress so nice and that’s not easy for pets like snakes, fish and sea horses.

  5. hotpets says:

    Dose anyone have some seeds for last year’s fall feast my ww ID is hotpets

  6. Dipstick2013 says:

    i would love to have that wallpaper, but it’s probably from a past promo. it’s so pretty.

  7. bubbashuka says:

    I think I can go through at least 2 full collections- my buddies are awesome! :D

    • Dolan says:

      So are you bubbashuka! It’s thanks to great friends like you that I always complete my collection events 4 times! I’m on WW several times a day if anyone needs help with their collection. Just send a friend request to punk4life.

  8. Mummabean says:

    Acorn escargot!

  9. EmeraldCity says:

    Cute bow Sally Webkinz! And whoooo’s wearing that adorable owl outfit sitting next to Mandy, I love that costume, where to get??? :D Love the room too! For acorn food, um “Acorns Roasting on an Open Fire Pit” LOL!

  10. Beckinz8 says:

    Hi Sally, and thanks for the report! Acorn foods sound interesting, but apparently acorns are high in tannins which can make them taste bitter and they can be toxic to humans. After you leech the tannins out, the acorns can be made into flour and then they can be baked into cakes, cookies, bread, and pancakes. I would like to see WW have a butternut squash and acorn stew. I also read something about acorn brittle (instead of peanuts). I hope that your artists have fun with these ideas!

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