Special Report With Sally Webkinz



We’re at the height of summer — the best time for picnics at the park… the beach… your backyard! The best kinds of picnic foods are portable, easy to pack and easy to eat. I’m not sure there’s anything better than a sandwich when it comes to that!


This time, I’m looking at sandwiches in Webkinz World. A bunch of these are simple recipe foods you can make with a sandwich machine in your room.



Which sandwich is your favorite? Even though it’s simple, there’s something I can’t resist about a regular cheese and tomato sandwich… though I like a little bit of mustard on mine. Happy sandwiching!

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  1. 1peterpan says:

    where are the recipes for all of these????

    • fionaflamingo says:

      Hi, 1peterpan! I would suggest checking the Webkinz cookbooks found in the W-Shop first. Then, if you can’t find the recipes, check the ‘Secret Recipes’ tab on Webkinz Newz – it’s under the ‘Newz Blog’ tab when you hover on it. Otherwise, (if you are allowed to google, just google it (for example, ‘Jungle Sandwich Recipe’). Hope I helped!!

      • fionaflamingo says:

        The sandwich cookbooks in the W-Shop, to be exact.

      • 1peterpan says:

        thanks I have the book…most are not in there. We googled the sausage biscuit ??? cant be found I’ll check the Secret recipe tab ty

        • fionaflamingo says:

          Ok, real quick question: did you google ‘sausage biscuit recipe’ or ‘Webkinz sausage biscuit recipe’? Sorry, my bad :)

          • fionaflamingo says:

            The ‘Country Biscuit Sandwich’ is a PSF for the Homespun Polar Bear. So you won’t find the recipes for all of them, because you can’t make all of them. Sorry if I implied otherwise. Hope that helps a bit. ~fionaflamingo

          • 1peterpan says:

            WeWebkinz recipe hahaha otherwise Id get all types of human food and ty The one I like I cant make

  2. fionaflamingo says:

    Ok, emilybradner & fans44! Remember the post about the odd pet request for a game no one knew about? That’s what they mean by “mystery”.

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