Special Report with Sally Webkinz

Sally Webkinz here with a deeper look at Winterfest! There are some cool things about the items that you can win this year — have you discovered them yet? Many of the items have multiple views, or behave a little differently in room. The Newz gang got together for some outdoor fun, then relaxed indoors afterwards in a chalet spa!




In this room, I’ve paired the First Snow Flooring from the Winter Wonderland Theme with the grand prize from the 2018 Winterfest Cookies — the Ski Slopes Wallpaper. In the back corner is the Expert Ski Slope (Cookie prize), and on the right is the regular Ski Slope.


You can see all four views of the Snow Covered Maple Tree (Cookie),  as well as the four different versions of the Winterfest Floor Tile, a snowflake prize.




Inside, you can see three of the four column views — the fourth is plain. The columns can be found in the Cookie prize pool. Also in the Cookie prize pool is the Chalet Ski Rack, which has an on and an off state. The coolest thing, though, is the Chalet Window — depending on where you place it in the room, you’ll see something slightly different in the background — this is great when you’re using several windows in the same room because it makes the outside feel much more realistic!


The wallpaper and flooring are this year’s Winterfest Challenge prize — a must-have for any indoor wintry room. And of course, I couldn’t resist adding the Penguin Cocoa Machine for the Newz team to help warm up after a day on the slopes. You can find that — along with an exquisite Elegant Icicles Bed — at Ganz eStore.


My favorite items from this year’s Winterfest is definitely the Arctic Fox and Snowshoe Hare Plushy! Unfortunately, there haven’t been any food prizes for a little while for Winterfest, but I can make do with the cocoa.


What are your favorite items? And what’s your favorite wintry treat after a long day playing in the snow? Tell us in the comments below!


34 Responses to Special Report with Sally Webkinz

  1. BonnieSueHeft says:

    nothing’s working as usual. No snow flakes, games are too slow & freeze up. Can’t do anything. Not liking this event.

  2. IndigoZap says:

    Awesome report, Sally! I love this years prizes! For your next report, you should do it about Valentine foods or about Cinnamon.

    • IndigoZap says:

      Oh and where did you get your snowflake earmuffs? And wow, aren’t you cold? Your not wearing shoes or pants! NVM, that’s just how Webkinz snakes are… And is your favorite color green? I love green and blue!

  3. EmeraldCity says:

    I really like all the winterfest prizes but my faves are the pink ice skates and windows! After a long day (or half a day, LOL) playing in the snow I’d like a hot bowl of tomato bisque soup and half a grilled cheese sandwich! I also love hot cinnamon spice tea. :D

  4. JJEmpress says:

    Im happy about the skies and mask set!

  5. Alphaowlbear says:

    Has anybody won one of the five daily prize cookie packs? I haven’t heard of a winner yet. I’m still crossing my fingers – many days left in January to win one.

  6. THEFLASH says:

    awesome!!! great job ganz! u got some awesome stuff

    • OakenTraders says:

      I soooo much agree with you, FLASH! This room is so fantastic, every time Ganz comes out with a new theme- it is better than the last! AWESOME FUN, Ganz! May you all have a joyous and blessed New Year! Thank you for making so much adventurous and exciting fun!!!!!!!

  7. Resonatingthunder says:

    Love love love this!! I bought a 6 pack of cookies yesterday and got a chalet column. I love how the Column can be rotated to have different things on it.

  8. webkinz04 says:

    The Chalet Window! It looks great in my horse stables!

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