Design a Ski Resort! Contest

It’s Winterfest in Webkinz World and we are looking for the Ultimate Ski Resort! We want to see screenshots of your Ski Resort rooms! Submit your room and, if yours is one of ten finalists chosen by the Webkinz team, you will win Snowmanland wallpaper and flooring from the eStore! And the Grand Prize Winner will also receive a Room Design Trophy AND the 2018 Super Deluxe Item, the Half Pipe!


We will announce the finalists on February 6, 2018, and we will announce the winner on Valentine’s Day – Wednesday, February 14, 2018!


It’s easy to participate! Just follow these easy steps…



1. Design a Ski Resort.


2. Take a screen shot of your room.


3. Upload the screen shot to the Ski Resort Contest on Webkinz Newz any time between January 5 and February 4, 2018.


4. Come back on February 6 to see if your room is one of ten finalists and on February 14 to see the Grand Prize Winner!


The grand prize winner will receive a Room Design Trophy and the 2018 Super Deluxe Item. And all ten finalists will each receive Snowmanland wallpaper and flooring – courtesy of Ganz eStore!



There is a limit of one entry per GanzWorld account.

Contestants HAVE to upload their work to the Ski Resort Contest on Webkinz Newz.


54 Responses to Design a Ski Resort! Contest

  1. shelbyjean20 says:

    can you decorate the room with anything that relates, or is their a room theme for this??

  2. carcasa says:

    is the most beautiful, the most wow, the coolest, the most super, the best. I hope to win the big prize, but it’s good for the first 10 years. will kiss and love you webkinz.

  3. FuzzyPickles says:

    Chalet is so cute I love it having fun trying to decorate it, Hope to get mine entered.

  4. Kraft says:

    Just wondering, what does it mean in the terms by “some exceptions apply” to the fact that these contests are only open to residents of the US and Canada? I’m British and always miss out on these contests even when the prize is digital as opposed to a physical item. And if it is that I cannot enter, will British participants be able to take part in the future, or is it unlikely to change? Please respond, thank you :)

  5. 1212blue says:

    I submitted my room, but I had to resize the picture a lot. I hope you guys can see it. :/

  6. Furbyamy says:

    Could someone please help me? I keep getting a message saying the size exceeded the limit. How do you make it any smaller? I don’t know how to do that without cutting off half the room.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      You’ll need to use an application like Paint or something to resize it. There’s a resize button and you change the width to something closer to 800 pixels wide. That should reduce the file size enough without making the image too small.

      • dixiecup says:

        What I did was went through mobile. I shrank the room with the in house toggle. I took the picture and then went into my gallery and cropped it. Then I submitted, right through the phone. It took it without doing anything more.

  7. angelgirl315 says:

    How do you know if your room design was submitted or not? After I uploaded my room design, checked the “terms” box and clicked submit, there was no message saying if it was submitted or not. It just disappeared.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      If you successfully submitted, the page reloads and you’ll see a message at the top: “Congratulations! You have successfully entered the contest.” If you didn’t successfully submit, it will have an error message at the top explaining why it did not submit — either the file size was too large, or it was the wrong format of file.

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