Special Report – With Steve Webkinz!


Hi everyone, Steve Webkinz here. Did you have an old Webkinz account that you were looking to get back? Well, read on and hopefully I can help!



Here are the important things you should know:


  1. Due to current online child privacy laws, we are legally required to delete any inactive accounts after 7 years. So it has been more than 7 years since you last logged in, it has been deleted and there is no way for us to restore your account.
  2. As of October 1st, 2019, we followed through on our planned USER AGREEMENT UPDATE announcement, part of which involved no longer archiving accounts. While large accounts with 10+ pets were automatically restored, the remaining smaller accounts were permanently deleted. You can read an FAQ about this new policy here.
  3. If it has been less than 7 years since your last login and you had a larger account that was possibly restored, but you can’t remember your login information, you’ll need to contact Customer Support. You can reach them via email at: webkinzsupport@ganz.com



PLEASE NOTE: the Customer Support team can only respond to emails during regular business hours: from Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm EST. They often get a high volume of requests (especially over weekends), so please be patient. Response times vary, but can sometimes be upwards of around 10 business days. Sending repeated requests every few days will only add to the backlog.


If you can’t remember your user name, it is still possible to recover your account. However, they can only search for an account using one of the following pieces of information:


  1. The EXACT user name for the account
  2. The email associated to the account (if one was provided when the account was created)
  3. Any of the registered pet Adoption Codes on the account


If you don’t remember any of this information, or if your account was deleted, please understand when Customer Support says they can’t help. They want to do everything they can to help people reconnect with their Webkinz pets, but there is nothing that can be done once they get beyond these technical and legal restrictions.


Also remember that if you wish to start a new account, you can now do so for FREE. It comes with a free virtual pet and a free 3-day Deluxe Membership trial.


If you restore an old account, please note that you will only have Free Player level access, no matter how many pets were adopted onto the account in the past. Adopting additional Webkinz pets onto your free account will unlock Full Membership. If you want access to all of the features and fun in Webkinz World, you can purchase a Deluxe Membership subscription. To learn more about the 3 different tiers of Webkinz membership, check out my earlier Special Report.


This has been Steve Webkinz reporting for Webkinz Newz! What would you like me to report on next? Let me know in the comments below.


50 Responses to Special Report – With Steve Webkinz!

  1. tkw1999 says:

    How long does it take to hear back from support? I have a deluxe membership and have been locked out of my account. My password isn’t working and neither is my parent email. I’ve been locked out for at least a few days, which is so not okay if I’m paying for Deluxe. I sent support emails yesterday and haven’t heard anything so I sent a follow up today.

  2. porky says:

    I would like to retrieve my account that I have the full membership to, im paying monthly on it, however I changed my user name and password then lost it. How can I retrieve the account or CANCEL it. I dont want to pay monthly for something I am not using. If you can cancel that account, I can just start a new one if thats possible?

  3. nicacutiee says:

    I have been contacting webkinzsupport@ganz.com for 3 days now regarding my old account however, I have not yet received an email. My lost webkinz account username is dennivietan

  4. mohammedhodges8 says:

    I don’t know what the recovery email is for an account and I don’t remember the login. I may or may not still have the pet codes but I’m not sure. Is there any other way for me to recover it? I know the pet’s names and my personal info and if this helps at all I also know what one of the pet’s rooms look like.

  5. juliemark says:

    We can’t access our webkinz account

  6. elizton says:

    Hey there Steve I was just wondering if you could put some kind of escape key on the windows 10 desk top my computer sometimes freezes up and the only way out is to turn of my computer . So it would be helpful if I had away to get back to the home page Thanks

  7. petsgrandma says:

    Steve Webkinz, we have 3 codes for pets to adopt from 2014 + 2015. 1 is mine and the other 2 belong to my grand daughters. we’ve changed Inet providers and computers several times and cannot tell which code belongs to each of us. Is there any way support can determine what pet goes with which code?

  8. babytwinkleavfk says:

    Steve, could you help me with something? Every time that i open and log into either of my Webkinz accounts, they never load all the way. Could you please help me? I’ve tried about five times just now.

  9. TaffyKitty12 says:

    This is kind of unrelated to the topic, but has anyone else been getting unusually small amounts of kinzcash when doing the “Big Button of Kinzcash” activity recently? ‘^^ I used to be able to depend on getting at least several hundred kinzcash from the activity, but over the past several weeks, I’ve barely gotten anything =/ Just to give you an idea, I played that activity earlier this morning, and only received about 40 kinzcash, which is a new low. It’s very disappointing, too, because I never really have much kinzcash (it’s hard to save up these days when everything is so expensive), and it doesn’t help that I don’t earn a bonus percentage of KC anymore when playing in the arcade after filling up 10 pet hearts X( Anyway, I’m just bringing this up because this never used to happen. I get sometimes earning a “low” amount, like 150 or 100 kinzcash or whatever, or maybe even 90, from time to time… but 40?! That’s a pretty measly amount for the supposedly “BIG Button of Kinzcash.” I can earn that much or more in just a few seconds by spinning the Wheel of WOW.

    • Gladysomega says:

      You are not alone – I have had recent similar experiences with the Big Button of Underwhelming Kinzcash. Just the other day I won 43kc – I can’t remember when I last got a really substantial amount like several hundred or even when the fourth digit would pop out the side and award over a thousand. Like you, I am disappointed that bonus Kinzcash based on 1 – 10 hearts being filled is no longer awarded after arcade games or completing a job or selling a gem. That feature just stopped without an announcement or an explanation and that itself is very disappointing. I’m still having lots of fun in WW – there’s always an event or activity to look forward to.

    • Hyperborea2 says:

      I’ve been calling it the Big Button of [verylittle] Kinzcash for years upon years now, but yes, I have also had a very long and saddening stretch of ‘why did I take time to log in?’ amounts of KC. Had 8 accounts in a row come in at 40 and under this last time. (I also really miss that KC bonus we got for awhile there when the hearts were full.)

      • nanamama12 says:

        Wow, it looks like the awards are truly quite random as I have gotten some really decent cash (over 400 last time) and one of my friends even got the extra 1000 last month.

    • Springshimmer says:

      Yes, I’ve been noticing that lately as well!! I haven’t gotten that much Kinzcash from it lately, and I’ve gotten pretty annoyed by that happening. :/ I did notice the bonus percentage doesn’t happen anymore… But yes, you do have a point that amount can be earned pretty quickly.

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