Spin the Super Wheel October 31!


When you visit Webkinz World to pick up your treat bag on Halloween, don’t forget to spin the Super Wheel at Today’s Activities! We have removed the KinzCash slots from the wheel, so you are guaranteed to win a prize!


Here’s a look at what you can win:



What would you like to win on the Super Wheel? Let us know in the comment section below…


85 Responses to Spin the Super Wheel October 31!

  1. TRINSTER says:

    I got the well, which is exactly what I wanted!

  2. 63Me says:

    Did anyone win the Creepy Bed. that is the one that I really wanted. I spun 30 times (many accounts) and did not get one ;(

  3. clarakaukonen says:

    I was really hoping for the purple bed or the pumpkin fireplace but I got the bookshelf..TWICE! If anyone has any extras at all I would so greatly appreciate it! my username is the same as on here. Happy Halloween!

  4. gingerdare says:

    I got the well. I was hoping for something that I didn’t already have, but it’s still a nice prize.

  5. dmtig says:

    ALL these prizes are Totally Awesome!! I was REALLY hoping & praying for the Creepy Bed but I got the Haunted Castle Fireplace. It’s still a Great Prize! I LOVE all things Castle!! Thank You Ganz for such a Great Prize Wheel!! & Happy Halloween Everyone!!

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