Spin the Wheel of Wow to win lovely prizes for your pets!


Spin the Wheel of Wow and win some adorable prizes for your pets.


Available Feb 11th – March 3rd:



You can access the Wheel of Wow in the Games Arcade. You get 1 spin a day.


What prize would you like to win the most? Please leave your comments below…


44 Responses to Spin the Wheel of Wow to win lovely prizes for your pets!

  1. loveheartmommy22 says:

    still cant get sparkle heart dress can some1 send it, my username is loveheartmommy

  2. PotterPoe44 says:

    I usually win the heart. I want the pink roll though.

  3. Lion1 says:

    When I saw some of these prizes i was a little disapointed. I have the roses and the guitar table and the clock, they are available in the W Shop. but i do find the dress adorable!

  4. bluegirljpb says:

    I got the heart warming wall art twice its so annoying when you don’t get other things but just one thing every time

  5. SignatureIsland says:

    Cool…. I kinda already got all of these. The guitar table would be nice to have though.

  6. sushidolphin says:

    Yay I got the dress and it looks really cute on my pets! Hope everyone else here gets it too!

  7. fans44 says:

    The sparkle heart dress, so cute. The rest you can keep. You really need to work on better prizses on all your giveaways!

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