Start Looking for Kiwi Bird Pet Medallions!

Start collecting Kiwi Bird Pet Medallions! We’re celebrating our 14th anniversary all April long with this adorable flightless bird. Log in every day from April 1 – 30 to look for floating Kiwi Bird Pet Medallions.


You can collect up to 4 each day — 5, if you’re Deluxe!  Be sure to also log in on Webkinz Day (April 29) to get your Webkinz Day gift — it will include 25 Kiwi Bird Pet Medallions! Collect and redeem 100 Kiwi Bird Pet Medallions to adopt your very own fan-designed Kiwi Bird virtual pet!







This delightful little bird comes with a Great Eggscape Hot Air Balloon and Earth Oven Crayfish.


Remember: adopting a Medallion pet does not extend your membership.


97 Responses to Start Looking for Kiwi Bird Pet Medallions!

  1. delilahmincey6 says:

    also, idk why it says this delilah is my username….it’s not the name i logged in with…

  2. delilahmincey6 says:

    so upset. I only started playing a few days ago. So, I have no chance. The Kiwi Bird is literally my favorite animal in the world. So big sad is had here.

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