Summer Clothing Line Retires Jan 15

Have you picked up your favorites from the 2019 Summer Clothing Line? It’ll be leaving the KinzStyle Outlet on January 15!


Don’t forget to look for the 2019 Fall Clothing — it will be moved to the Clearance section on January 15, too!


Curious about the new winter theme? Click on page 2 for a sneak peek!



50 Responses to Summer Clothing Line Retires Jan 15

  1. kissypinkiepie says:

    The Minty Poncho is awesome! It will look great with the leggings and boots! Can’t wait!

  2. dixieandi says:

    Will the summer clothing line be leaving Webkinz on the 15th, or is it just being moved to the clearance section?

  3. frogmom says:

    love the third line–minty poncho, fuzzy boots, & pom pom bear hat, so inevitably they will be deluxe! Oh well, they have enough clothes :)

  4. Traveller says:

    That pom pom bear hat and the fuzzy boots. Swoon!

  5. Austenshire says:

    Love this new line. Mint green is one of my favorite colors. Unless its an easy solve, I don’t think I’ll go for the recipe clothing this time. The sweater dress is awesome but it gets expensive and the rest of the line is equally awesome.

  6. lemony says:

    So cool ! The poncho is my favourite!

  7. bonesbongo says:

    This has nothing to do with the Summer Clothing line……..WHAT HAPPENED to the Ms. Birdy Welcoming Room at the clubhouse? It is not appearing, will it no longer be available? :(

    • outgoinglyshy says:

      Yes, I was wondering about Ms. Birdy too. Also, the Free Gifts activity in WW hasn’t been working for me since Wednesday. I cleared cache and all that stuff. Is it just me or my computer or did something affect it?

  8. WeepingRabbit says:

    I am absolutely in love with the winter line! I can’t wait for my pets to wear them!

  9. firstvisit says:


  10. LovesStaffordshires says:

    I LOVE the new clothing. I hope the minty poncho, hats & shoes aren’t deluxe only. Pittiesrule

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