Summer Clothing Line Retiring

If you haven’t picked up all your favorite styles from the 2017 Summer line, you better hurry! These fab fashions are perfect for a destination holiday in the winter, and are on sale right now… but only until January 17th!



Which of the 2017 Summer Clothing line are you most sad to see go? Tell us the comments below!

50 Responses to Summer Clothing Line Retiring

  1. Bubblilious1 says:

    I cannot find these items for sale. They should still be available. Is the inventory all gone?

  2. FireFox789 says:

    If anyone needs any of this clothing (or other deluxe items) friend me, i will send for free :) i am firefox789

  3. Dalmationpika2 says:

    really need the neon yoga top only one i havent brought yet because its a deluxe only item

  4. fanofweirdal375 says:

    My username is a2tytot. Please friend me, and send these items: patterned yoga top, dressy sandals, beachy bucket hat, and sunny sunglasses. I will make sure to send something in return. Thank you to everyone!!!!!

  5. easy2 says:

    Am I the only one who can’t find the yoga top at the Kinzstyle Outlet?? Maybe I just overlooked it… Is it a Deluxe item?

  6. xstarmint says:

    hello, my name is kia & i am a deluxe, please friend me @kiabelis & tell me what you’d like from here.

  7. mar1ed2 says:


  8. sa0000 says:

    mu user is phillygirl2000!I would really appreciate it and I love adding new friends!

  9. MagicOrin says:

    AMAZING WORLD – get to level 20 to get rewards sent to your account in the dock BUT REMEMBER LINK both accounts at the red book top left in AW so they can be sent a TREE , Vexas Tiara and her Air Ship befor these are gone and the game is ended !! I am new and I finished and got all 3 last night !

  10. TRINSTER says:

    I love those sandals! I have lots, but I’ll probably buy a couple more just for good measure.

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