Podkinz Ep. 91: Winterfest Cookie Giveaway!


In this episode, Michael and Mandy remind players of the upcoming Room Design Awards and look back at the winning designs from the past. In honor of this year’s Winterfest Challenge, Michael and Mandy play a game of Bathtub Battles at the Tournament Arena and give away a code for a FREE 2018 Winterfest Cookie!



Remember to vote for your favorite Webkinz room design right here on Webkinz Newz on January 22nd.


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Send Mandy and Michael your questions and ideas for the show! Do you have some prize ideas for upcoming events?  You can email them to podkinz@ganz.com. Who knows, you may hear Mandy & Michael talk about them on their next podkinz episode!


73 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 91: Winterfest Cookie Giveaway!

  1. madyabery says:

    I didst get a cookie.. I got a ski slope :D

  2. Warden says:

    I clicked on the link, to watch a podcast, to receive a brown booth… where did that go?

  3. cowtown2 says:

    thank you this is the only chance I will get a good prize, I have had the flu so bad this whole month that I have missed a lot of the free snowflake regular prizes, and my hearing is gone it has been gone since new years, eve, temp of 106 and my hearing has not returned I’m on tons of antibiotic’s and many dr,s have seen me and more to come remember me in your thoughts and prayers to my webkinz family I have missed you all,

  4. EmeraldCity says:

    Hi Michael and Mandy! And all at Webkinz Newz! I just have to say how much I really enjoyed the challenges this month…I wanted to do more Bathtub Battles even after I achieved the goal! I met some awesome new WW friends because of this too! I Loved my battle with PJ Collie, wow pretty intense game, LOL and she won, it was great!

  5. megamom12 says:

    Oh, my gosh Mandy Webkinz! I was watching you two play while I was on my dinner break, and you should have heard me yelling ‘Mandy what are you doing?? Drop that special one over there!’ I’m glad that you pulled it out. :) Gratz on the win and thank you for the cookie!

  6. ImaPepper says:

    Michael, you play with the same kind of strategy I do, lol. Wanna play? ;-) Thanks for the code, I’m going to go enter it right now!

  7. julieperkins says:

    I tried the code and it said it was used, SIGH i wish the prizes in the code shop wouldn’t do that

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