Kismarkle: Super Chef Recipe Revealed!


Super Chef Secret Recipes are some of the hardest mysteries to solve in Webkinz World! While regular Secret Recipes require 3 ingredients found in the WShop, Super Secret Recipes require 3 RECIPE foods, and can only be made using the Super Chef Stove found in the Clubhouse.


But since St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, we’re revealing how to make Kismarkle for all of our lucky chefs!


Here’s how it’s made:

  • Use: Super Chef Stove (in the Clubhouse)
  • Ingredients: Chortletorte, Pearlipate, and Stuffed Leafy Melon

If you haven’t recently won any of these Recipe Foods as prizes, you’ll need to do a little more work to figure out how these 3 ingredients are made!


92 Responses to Kismarkle: Super Chef Recipe Revealed!

  1. Mag400 says:

    anyone know where the super chef stove is in the clubhouse anymore????????

  2. tatiyanaflemist says:

    stuffed leafy melon is white rice+tomato+watermelon.Hope this helps!

    • prprprprp says:

      Actually, tatiyanaflemist, that is the wrong recipe for the Stuffed Leafy Melon. The correct recipe is as follows: White Rice+Salad+Watermelon=Stuffed Leafy Melon

  3. jasmine14 says:

    that looks like a weird kind of recipe

  4. fidmommy1 says:

    thanks for the help my nieces and nephews will love this thanks ganz

  5. Webkinzfan3 says:

    I found the foods for this recipe! Okay here it is: Chortletorte – Carrot cake, coconut, and pink lemonade. Pearlipate – Fish sticks, pear, and salad. Stuffed Leafy Melons – Salad, watermelon, and white rice.

  6. adara917 says:

    that is one full course meal! so surprisingly unexpected!

  7. Clau says:

    Thanks Ganz for this recipe! :P I shall do this.

  8. cowtown says:

    thank you all for the help i just found the other two, thank you again, i got some shopping to do, lots of food to make all these, lol,

  9. Ntalia123456789 says:

    is super! :)

  10. Ailuropoda says:

    Would LOVE a super chef stove for in our rooms!

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