Super School Community Challenge!


an apple for the teacher

Now that you’re back in school, it’s time for the Kinzville Academy Students to come together for the Super School Community Challenge. Show Ms. Cowoline how much you value her by sending her an apple through Kinzpost. If she receives 10,000 apples between August 13 and September 7, she will give away a code for a Ms. Cowoline’s Reading Chair!


You can also get a free apple every day when you click on the Things To Do menu and select Today’s Activities from August 13 to September 7.

29 Responses to Super School Community Challenge!

  1. 43nana says:

    Sept 6th and my pets are still sending apples from those Webkinz provides and from our orchards. We have received letters and gifts froms Ms. Cowoline too. Happy back to school everyone.

  2. choover143 says:

    How are we doing on this? Sally, Michael, anyone know?

  3. Katz1259 says:

    I hope that everyone is still sending the apples. I send them each day….. please keep sending everyone!! I LOVE this chair!!

  4. obie987 says:

    I also am sending from my orchard hope they count, after all they are fresh home grown apples.

  5. ifa1 says:

    This looks like an item from the Trading Cards, Series 3 !!

  6. ELJUCO1964 says:

    I have been sending 6 a day 3 from each of my 2 accounts.. I am hoping the apples from our orchards count… Does anyone know ????

    • Katz1259 says:

      I have wondered this as well… but somehow I think that they don’t count because they tell us to send the ones we get free every day on our daily activities list. And they don’t mention the farm fresh or home grown apples at all. I wish they did count because I have hundreds of 4 different kinds of apples!!!

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