Super Surprise Boxes!


Drag a Super Surprise Box from your Dock into a room to get a great prize!  They can only be opened at a specific time, but you can drag it into a room anytime to find out when! Everyone gets a total of 10 Super Surprise Boxes to open and enjoy!


218 Responses to Super Surprise Boxes!

  1. notenoughtime says:

    I have never received one of these boxes on my account yet

  2. Nicthewerecatqueen says:

    I got a big pile of kinzcash bed on my deluxe account, something I have wanted FOREVER!

  3. kittenloverz101223 says:

    I remember opening these, I was glad when it was over. lol. I love the 6th box the most.

  4. mrsgoot says:

    You should be able to keep the gift box, along with the surprise inside of it.

  5. dama99 says:

    When do we get the surprise boxes

  6. Pinkle2324 says:

    What?! I never had anything like that 4 years ago!!

  7. fareboy123 says:

    what is in #10?

  8. nasrean8 says:

    its sad how im not done opening them all yet O.O…

  9. pickles says:

    What if we can’t email Ganz then what do we do????? :? :)

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