The Gecko earns an Adventure Community Patch!


Tabby has been so impressed with all the work the Mango Gecko has been doing around Webkinz World. First it helped out Wacky by handing out gumballs in the Park. Then it waited tables on Daisy’s patio on Webkinz Newz. And finally it helped Mr. Moo develop new milkshake recipes using ice cream flavors from the his ice cream cart in the Park!

To recognize the Mango Gecko’s contribution to Webkinz World, Tabby recommended to the Adventure Scouts that they award with their newest honor, an Adventure Community Hat and Plaque.


How can YOU earn these cool new items? Watch Webkinz Newz in September for a chance to help out around Webkinz and earn these cool rewards!

19 Responses to The Gecko earns an Adventure Community Patch!

  1. ArcanineEspeon says:

    I wonder if them both being orange is a coincidence…

  2. bonesbongo says:

    Great idea Tabby, the Mango Gecko deserves to be recognized for all that has done.

  3. babymoose88 says:

    Hey, this is off topic, but I logged in today with my sister. I had already logged in but she was logging in for the first time today. She randomly got a Trick or Treat badge- what does this mean? My other sister sister also logged in on one of her accounts to find the same thing happening. Also, I found a message today that said “Help (username but I won’t say it here) by giving an acorn for the Acorn Collection!” I was so confused, and I checked the KinzVille map, no acorn collection yet. It starts tomorrow! Help, please! Your friend, bm88

    • babymoose88 says:

      Update: My other sis has 3 accounts, and each one of them did this. We are so confused! One of them hasn’t even been registered long enough for Halloween! I need help!

    • webkinzplayer1212 says:

      Hey hey as far as the acorn request the player that sent it to you has their account registered in a different time zone. They either live in another country or they set up the account that way. The time difference puts them ahead by one day (kinz time is eastern standard). As far as the trick or treat badge I don’t know. My older accounts that already had it didn’t get a notification but a couple of newer accounts did. :)

    • elizjm says:

      Mine did that too!

  4. kaye10 says:

    i;ve lost track — so this is a “badge” (i call it a plaque) and hat we do not yet have?? thanks & best, k.

  5. Amygirl113 says:

    Fantastic. Thanks so much Ganz. Like emster7 said, it’ll look great in my Adv. Scouts room.

  6. emster7 says:

    This will look great in my Adventure Scouts clubhouse!

  7. ojibwa says:

    I love these events!

  8. Dr Quack Fan says:

    Hey, webkinz. Glitch alert. Logged in today and got the badge you get for logging in on Halloween!

  9. megamom12 says:

    Oh, my goodness Tabby, what a great idea!!!

  10. cowtown2 says:

    great ideal the Mango gecko’s been doing a great job, you have really helped thank you for the ideals you give us to, this has been a hard time for everyone so thank you everyone besafe and we all have great fun together thank you all webkinz team you are the best can’t wait to help again earning badges is great good job.

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