The Marshmallow Collection Is Coming!



Hold onto your toasting sticks because the Marshmallow Collection Event is on its way!


Be sure to visit Webkinz World in July to collect Marshmallows! As you search, you’ll win awesome summer- and camp-themed prizes…plus an AWESOME grand prize, the Campkinz Pool!


Be sure to click on the Marshmallow Basket on your Map of Kinzville on July 1st to get started!


140 Responses to The Marshmallow Collection Is Coming!

  1. airc2013 says:

    wow i have 9 looking for more

  2. pudgiebudgy says:

    I don’t like marshmallows, but oh well it is for a good cause.

  3. cutie081011 says:

    yay!!!! marshmallows!!!

  4. tonid4215 says:

    It’s July 1 and no basket on my map??????

  5. mintlove08 says:

    I hope I get all the marshmallows

  6. pandypwr says:

    The marshmellow basket STILL isnt on the map yet :(

  7. Crescentcandy says:

    Don’t like the fence

  8. sebastainlover says:

    sounds very fun (^( + )^)

  9. zeromyhero says:

    LOVE IT! Will go great in my CampKinz Pool yard area.

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