The Squirrels Design a Healthy Harvest Hawthorne!


The Cinnamon Squirrel family got their new Healthy Harvest Hawthorne Enchanted Sapling. Pecan just loves the simple treetop combined with a trunk that has a overflowing cornucopia hanging from its branches, and surrounded by a bounty of pumpkins. The rest of the family thinks Pecan’s tree is lovely but they’re all not convinced it’s the best choice. What do you think of this combo?



The Healthy Harvest Hawthorne Sapling is just one of the beautiful Enchanted Saplings available at Ganz eStore and in the W Shop!


8 Responses to The Squirrels Design a Healthy Harvest Hawthorne!

  1. nanamama12 says:

    I love it. Especially the trunk. I think that one is my favorite of those. Nice work Pecan! (love the name by the way!)

  2. Nicthewerecatqueen says:

    I think it’s a lovely combo

  3. frogwoman09 says:

    Looks cute.

  4. Unicornluv246 says:

    I think this is the perfect choice for Thanksgiving!

  5. Beckinz8 says:

    Pecan’s choice looks very nice, but I look forward to seeing the options the rest of the squirrel family choose. I think I will wait to make my final decision. It really helps to see it all put together. Great idea!

    • xxmgn says:

      I like this option the best but i too am curious as to what the other options look like!

      • nanamama12 says:

        It will be fun to see the grove of trees that they come up with! There are many combinations for them to use. I think that the only one that I would not use is the treetop with the barn and silo on it. That still leaves many other combinations to come up with!

        • nanamama12 says:

          I just checked the other page, and if I did the math right there are 27 different combinations with all of the pieces. I would only do 18 of them seeing as I don’t care particularly care for treetop #3, but they might like it and that would be fine as well. It’s cute, I just don’t prefer it.

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