The Summer 2021 Clothing Line Retiring Jan 11

You’ll have until until maintenance on Jan 12 to pick up your favorite pieces of the Summer 2021 Clothing line!

The Fall 2021 Clothing line will be moving to clearance. What will be replacing the summer line? Click the next page for a sneak peek of the Winter 2022 Clothing line!

41 Responses to The Summer 2021 Clothing Line Retiring Jan 11

  1. ILOVEWEBKINZ1234567892374 says:

    Hello webkinz yesterday my elephant arrived I entered the code for webkinz next and it didnt give me my pet I really want it how am I supposed to get it because I have entered the code correctly several times and it just didnt work but it worked fine on classic what should I do?

  2. mochidochi says:

    Was there ever a fall line last year? Is that even a thing?

  3. glamor414 says:

    This is like super off topic from the clothing line but I’m just curious, will you guys ever do a signature Arctic fox promotion or any signature animal promotions anymore? Because a lot of them are in the eStore and that’s great but the arctic fox is not and I would love to own it but as of right now it’s going for like $500-600 new with tag and I’d rather just own the virtual pet without breaking the bank. Maybe an odd holiday for foxes soon?

    • Cassette says:

      There is actually an Odd Holiday for foxes, but unfortunately no Signature Arctic fox. I asked the before if they would add it to the lineup a few years ago, but they didn’t so I just gave up and bought one on the expensive route :P

      • Cassette says:

        But unfortunately a lot of people would also be upset to see it for sale at the Estore too, so that could also be part of the issue right there.

        • glamor414 says:

          I’m confused why would people be mad that it’s on sale at the eStore? I feel like it is a sought after pet and people should be happy if they add to the lineup. Idk I’m going to keep complaining about it until we get it on the lineup.

          • Cassette says:

            The people who bought it for hundreds of dollars on EBay would probably be mad to see it for sale at the Estore for much lower than what they got it for.

        • lemony says:

          With anything Webkinz it’s buyer beware. The estore usually leaves those type of pets for promotions. No one has forced anyone to spend hundreds on a plush and they shouldn’t get mad if the estore sells it.

    • cowtown2 says:

      what is that five hundred dollors?

      • glamor414 says:

        Honestly, that’s not my problem. It’s their fault for spending so much in the first place and it doesn’t give them the right to ruin the chance of owning the virtual pet just because they decided to spend an outrageous amount of money on a stuffed toy.

        • Alexandrite_Ledger says:

          True, true. The Signature Arctic Fox USED to be in the W-Shop/Ganz eStore waaaay back in 2016 & under. I had no idea it was rare until later that year when they removed it. -_- Also, they did sell the Signature American German Shepherd in the Ganz eStore a few years back for a special eStore appreciation thing for $25. I agree, it is pretty outrageous, and I really want the Signature Husky’s virtual since I have the plush. I think $50 or under would be fine for Signatures on special dates in the eStore, it could just be the plush that’s expensive I guess =P

  4. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    I love that blue jacket! The new Winter Line is really cool!

  5. yami7 says:

    What ever happened to the baby blue or white or some thing with snowflakes that says winterfest

    • CountryChrissy says:

      I think there is a little too much gray! it’s very dark/depressing looking.I would have liked to see a dog hat too with ears,and maybe some light blue things,or something with snowflakes other then bought items at Estore.The floral skirt is pretty though,the yellow is Spring looking.Glad i still have winter items from years ago.

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