The Webkinz Pug Plush is Retiring This Month!



Congratulations to all those who have adopted a Webkinz Pug because this pet is retiring in October! This plush pet has been very popular over the years and it is now officially sold out of our warehouse and no more will ever be made! If you see one at your local retailer you may want to grab it because this pet, along with it’s adoption gifts (the Puggy Bark-o-Lounger and the Wrinkled Pugcake), are now collector’s items!



Webkinz Pug owners can play the Counting Sailboats game EVERY Sunday this month and try to win a rare piece of clothing that can ONLY be won by playing the game. You can access the game from Today’s Activities:



Pug owners can also pick up a special gift box from Today’s Activities on Sunday October 26th. Want to know what’s inside? We’re going to reveal what’s in the gift box RIGHT HERE on Webkinz Newz Saturday, October 11th!



Do you have a Webkinz Pug? What do you think is inside that Retirement Gift Box? Please leave your comments below…


182 Responses to The Webkinz Pug Plush is Retiring This Month!

  1. RainbowDashie says:

    Wow, I feel both happy and sad when I heard about this…Firstly, I’m feel happy and grateful because I managed to get a regular sized Pug from Toys R Us in a local mall 3 years ago during my first months on Webkinz, I named him Puggy. Secondly, I also feel sad because I felt really sorry for all of the players who aren’t able to get it. I also couldn’t believe that this pet was released 8 years ago and it’s now retiring! Hope I’ll be able to log in to Webkinz this Sunday so I can get the retirement prizes. So, in conclusion to this, I would like to say a warm farewell to the Webkinz Pug and hope he’ll have a great send-off party! Your friend, kensington1203 x

  2. ShootingStar4047 says:

    Where I live they sell all the pets that are retired so I don’t have to worry.

  3. JesusIsMyLord2005 says:

    Puggie P

  4. linylps says:

    Oops, sorry I didn’t really read it carefully.

  5. linylps says:

    I’ve just logged on my old account where I have an adopted pug (it was hacked, so I didn’t use it for 2 or 3 years)and there’s no present :( Why did this happen?

  6. linylps says:

    I remember my dad getting me my pug Mark in Moscow :D Sad it’s retiring though.

  7. Stripedeedlebee4ever says:

    YAY! i have the pug! my first time counting sailboats. ;) i hate it that it’s retiring, but i will get lots of prizes :D

  8. JesusIsMyLord2005 says:

    I just got a webkinz pug at walgreens! It was the last pug in Walgreens! I named her Macy!

  9. otisbulldogmiddleton says:

    Why? The Pug (dog) has been around forever, and besides it’s a classic; and I should know. Why before I got my first pet–which just so happened to be my pug dog Otis…I didn’t even know what a “Webkinz” was.

  10. doodleganzpal says:

    I HAVE 2 PUGS sorry for the people who don’t got the pug

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