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Want to make wonderful, delicious Secret Recipes for your pet in your oven, stove, blender or sandwich maker? Try these.


Amora Supora




Berry Tart


Berribrite Blast


Blastop Rocaket


Bluchetta Grillon


Careening Rojodillos




Clothing Recipe: Beautiful Blue Ball Gown


Clothing Recipe: Bright Spies Trench Coat


Clothing Recipe: Detective Cap


Clothing Recipe: Glass Slippers


Clothing Recipe: Highland Kilt


Clothing Recipe: Nice Neon Swimsuit


Clothing Recipe: Racecar Driver Outfit


Clothing Recipe: Rockin’ Fringe Vest


Clothing Recipe: Seaside Sarong


Clothing Recipe: Stunning Kimono


Clothing Recipe: Sweet Treats Toque


Clothing Recipe: Tabby’s Glasses


Clothing Recipe: True North Sweater


Clothing Recipe: Wild Watermelon Shirt


Clothing Recipe: Wizard’s Apprentice Robe


Crystellmata Crisp




Farm Fresh Apples: Recipe Revealed!


Goo-Goo Berry Float 




Jellamazoo Jiggle






Mega Recipe: Dulcospire


Mega Recipe: Kinzlet Milanese


Mega Recipe: Pomumitta


Mega Recipe: Shoopdeloop Soup


Mushmellow Frosty 


Polly’s Lovely Lemon Cookie


Pomeadrone Punch








Slippamarink Sandwich


SS Blueberry Bounty


Striped Mellowmallow


Super Chef Recipe: Cascalleau Aquappa


Super Chef Recipe: Cogogumbo


Super Chef Recipe: Entomosoflicky


Super Chef Recipe: Grapplesnap


Super Chef Recipe: Kismarkle


Super Chef Recipe: Neigowa Blancetta


Sweet N’ Sour Smoothie


Trippple Hot Chocolate




Vegan Veggie Wrap


Yummytummy Tumbler




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  1. acantara says:

    I am looking for more mega stove recipes. Where can I find them? I have searched the forum, but only found repeats of these recipes.

  2. NerdyCorgi81 says:

    Has the recipe for the emerald ski jacket been revealed yet? I can’t find it anywhere

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