Which Room Theme is Retiring to Deluxe?


Attention all lovers of chic interior design! I heard an interesting piece of gossip about a certain room theme perhaps being retired soon…


My secret source told me that on January 9, one theme in the W Shop will become available to Deluxe Members only (hmm…I wonder which one it’ll be? I’m partial to most of them myself!). But I was also told that if you don’t want to miss out on anything, you can always drop by the eStore to become a Deluxe Member today!


I love a good mystery!



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  1. pet lover says:

    I think it’s very unfair. First, the games and then this?! why can’t we, the non-deluxe members, have fun on webkinz world too? Even deluxe members don’t like this idea, then why do you keep doing this???

  2. D2PAULUS says:

    I agree with stingray. I am also deluxe.

  3. roxey911 says:

    It’s going to be my favorite theme, just watch.

  4. daisi says:

    I have a feeling it’s the Mocha Swirl theme… sorry I don’t know xactly what it’s called. Which is my favorite theme. Nooo! I would buy the whole theme but I don’t want to waste my KinzCash if it’s another theme.

  5. Comet says:

    I agree with everyone on this forum. Ganz has put too much for deluxe members only. Instead of adding nice things for them-they think it will be just fine to make regular items deluxe only. That is not the way it should be done. So many of us can’t afford the deluxe membership. It is really sad that they keep taking things away that have been there for a long time. I miss the games, the vacation island, and this site does not give me the fun I used to have. .

  6. kmrt15 says:

    I am going to buy the whole theme for my three accounts before it goes Deluxe.

  7. TheWebkinzWarrior says:

    The city styling theme…is that the chic city theme, the pink and brown one? Or which? Please help!

  8. enchantedwebkinz says:

    :( That is soooo sad!!! Quite on my Birthday!!!! :(((( Well, i hope it isn’t a great room which i love!!!! And i certainly agree with all of you guys! :(( ^^enchantedwebkinz^^

  9. Oink4Me says:

    My parents won’t buy me deluxe either. they think i play too much already. i miss the arcade games I loved, but i think i’ve been adicted to webkinz for a while. ganz is making it easier for me to do my homework cause i can’t do as much here anymore maybe it’s for the best. :D

  10. Doglove says:

    What is the city styling theme?

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