Throwback Thursday: Spring Celebration Baskets!


It’s almost time to celebrate spring in Webkinz World! Make sure to log in on Sunday, April 20th to receive your Spring Celebration Basket, filled with wonderful goodies! This fun tradition has been a part of Webkinz World since the beginning!


Here’s a look back at all of the Spring Celebration Gift Baskets we’ve given out over the years, including the new one you’ll get for logging in on Sunday!

How many of these do YOU remember?


75 Responses to Throwback Thursday: Spring Celebration Baskets!

  1. Peacecortbuttons says:

    Will we get baskets this year?

  2. mar1ed2 says:

    Why is it we never get the box we were promised I have none and been a member since the beginning.

  3. maria_rdz says:

    They are great and filled with great prizes!

  4. Michelle08 says:

    I like 2013′s basket the best

  5. adidogs123 says:

    I joined on 2011 so the 2012 and 2013 baskets are the best! :) Cheers!~kensington1203 x

  6. cliffordearl says:

    I too think this is to much food. I have been receiving these baskets since 2008 and I really don’t like this one. The best thing in there still wasn’t good. : (

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