Throwback Thursday: Spring Celebration Baskets!


It’s almost time to celebrate spring in Webkinz World! Make sure to log in on Sunday, April 20th to receive your Spring Celebration Basket, filled with wonderful goodies! This fun tradition has been a part of Webkinz World since the beginning!


Here’s a look back at all of the Spring Celebration Gift Baskets we’ve given out over the years, including the new one you’ll get for logging in on Sunday!

How many of these do YOU remember?


75 Responses to Throwback Thursday: Spring Celebration Baskets!

  1. Thekitty says:

    I’ve been playing Webkinz since 2007 I think but I was barely ever on so I probably didn’t get a gift box on Easter since 2009 lol :P

  2. Thekitty says:

    I didn’t log onto Webkinz this Easter so Is that why I didn’t get the gift box ? :(

  3. catherines7 says:

    so cool! loved the 2014 basket

  4. poochie1107 says:

    2014 is the best one! :-) all of them except 2014 are boring. :-(

  5. Babyangelbear2000 says:

    My favorite is 2009.

  6. musicpup613 says:

    wow, this brings back so many memories! i remember all of these, because i have been collecting sense webkinz came out :) wow, does any one else remember all of these?

  7. mcb01 says:

    I guess I don’t really like this years.. it’s a little too bright and summery, not light and springy. :/

  8. brownypup6 says:

    i remember 2008

  9. itsadventuretime23 says:

    I like 2010 the best. :)

  10. helena says:

    I like the 2007 and 2009 baskets! I think they look cool1

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