Trick Or Treat Street Room Theme PART 1


Our 3D artists have been hard at work, and today, I have your first look at part 1 of the new Trick or Treat Street room theme. This year’s Halloween theme will be available in the W Shop starting October 1st.


We have taken a lot of your suggestions into consideration when designing these final items, so I hope that you are happy with the way they turned out.


The bench looks very similar to the original concept drawing. The only real difference is that the pumpkins were made smaller and moved to the back of the bench so 2 pets could easily sit comfortably while taking a break from trick-or-treating:



Here’s a look at those three Halloween homes. Several changes were made based on your feedback. The homes now have a slightly more modern look and the cobwebs were removed. There are also slight design differences to each home, like the position of the windows and doors. We also added different decorations to each house. How do you think they turned out?



Finally, here’s a look at the costume shop. I think it matches the styles of the homes nicely. The best part about this building is that it will work as storage so you can keep your favorite Halloween costumes here!



Start saving your KinzCash now! This theme will only be available throughout October, so you’ll want to grab multiples of each item before they’re retired.


What do you think of this theme so far? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below…


114 Responses to Trick Or Treat Street Room Theme PART 1

  1. bella201223 says:

    Very excited for this theme! Great job to the team!

  2. bella201223 says:

    PLZ make a cornmaze with the dimensions of a swimming pool! that would be a perfect touch vs making one from corn would take up a lot of room and not look as nice!

  3. doodlebug72898 says:

    Still think we need a bed of some sort!

  4. EmmaFett says:

    This theme is adorable, I can’t wait to collect all of the pieces! Will free members be able to buy it though?

  5. cvasko says:

    Yes! you guys did it again good job. Maybe you can have ghosts jump out of the houses or something of that nature when we walk past?

  6. cvasko says:

    I like it all. Maybe when you go past the houses something scarey like a ghost or the like can jump out. I like the idea of storing our costumes in the costume shop we have no other place to store them as I have been here since this all started I have a lot of them. thanks guys and gals good job.

  7. Springshimmer says:

    These are looking fantastic! ^-^ I love the bench, it’s so cute! I can’t wait to get this theme once it comes out!

  8. chocolatemermaid8 says:

    I love the costume shop holding costumes!!! I have so many and have trouble finding them all each year! Takes so much time to get them all in one place. OR 2 places! I like that the bench can hold 2 pets. Thank you!!! Not as creepy, but I do have plenty of creepy scary rooms!!!

  9. ImaPepper says:

    Awesome–I love the changes to the houses! And the costume shop will store costumes–yay! Thank you, design team! :-)

  10. jnbonin4 says:

    I really like these. I like how you can sit on the bench and yet they are decorated. The houses need something more… Not sure. maybe a few small cobwebs in the windows of the houses and costume shop. The costume shop looks great and I especially like that you can store your costumes in there. Nice touch! I sure hope you can Trick or Treat at the houses. That would be really cool. Really good job Webkinz 3D Artists!!

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