Trophy Showcase: Arcade Challenge Trophies!


While many players enjoy collecting trophies by playing their favorite arcade games, many games in the Webkinz Arcade unfortunately were never designed to award one.


To help add a little more fun in playing some of these older games, we introduced limited-time “Arcade Trophy Challenges”, where you could win a trophy by completing a challenge. We’ve even expanded this idea to include a few of our fan-favorite Tournament Arena games!


Here’s a look at a gallery of these cool collector trophies together!





Some challenge trophies (like the Smoothie Moves Trophy) are now awarded as part of completing the updated mobile version of the same game.


If you haven’t yet collected them all, you never know when we might just decide to schedule another challenge! Otherwise—if you’re feeling lucky—you can try to find someone willing to trade for one of these challenging trophies in the Clubhouse!


How many of these trophies have YOU collected? Let us know in the comments below.



**Please note: Item trade talk is not allowed in the comments of Webkinz Newz articles. If you want to discuss a trade outside of the Clubhouse, please visit our trade forums here.



27 Responses to Trophy Showcase: Arcade Challenge Trophies!

  1. libertynews says:

    @ugh,,,, I am a terrible gamer, I only have 5, but I keep trying. lol

  2. kat6401 says:

    we ai’nt got alot but we got some and some is better than none!

  3. Alphaowlbear says:

    I have read and reread the above link for the Smoothie Moves Mobile App trophy. I won the trophy the first time I completed all 10 levels, but contrary to that article, I have never won the trophy for the other times I’ve finished the game. Please, Ganz, can someone look into that? Has anyone been able to get multiple trophies like we’re supposed to?

  4. elizton says:

    I got all but one the Dashing Dolphin Trophy that’s was just a little to difficult for me

  5. KarenaJ says:

    I have most of these! I’m missing the Cash Cow, Bananza, Ant, Dolphin and Hungry Hog and Pinky, Wishing Well and Wheel of Wow. I have all the rest. My favorite, hands down, is the Color Storm one. It’s so amazing and the storm effects make it so extra. It fits so perfectly in steampunk or industrial themes. My second favorite is Home Before Dark. I love how you can click on it and the sun disk turns to moon, so perfectly based on the game. My third favorite is Tulip Troubles. It’s just cool looking like the good fairy. I hope I get a chance to get the ones I don’t have yet.

  6. acantara says:

    I have 10 of them.

  7. oddball37 says:

    Anyone happen to have extra trophies for the deluxe-only games?

  8. Priceless says:

    I was on webkinz for all of these but i have like none because i’m SO BAD at games! xD

  9. CheekyCat says:

    when is zangoz switcheroos challenge gonna happen

  10. LovesStaffordshires says:

    I have all of the trophies except for the deluxe only ones, the hungry hog & pumpkin patch protector. Pittiesrule

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