Trophy Showcase: Tile Towers!


In Tile Towers, the object of the game is to match two tiles. Click on matches to clear them from the board. Be sure the tiles don’t have another tile on top of them, and make sure they’re not surrounded by tiles; the tiles have to be available to be clicked and cleared.





On Webkinz Next, if you score 1500 points, you’ll win the Tile Towers Trophy!


On Webkinz Classic, the trophy can only be won in the arcade on the mobile app. On the desktop app, we will sometimes run a Tile Towers challenge to award players the trophy.






In both Webkinz Classic and Webkinz Next, Tile Towers is available for everyone to play!






What are some of YOUR favorite trophies in either Webkinz Classic or Webkinz Next? Let us know in the comments below!




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19 Responses to Trophy Showcase: Tile Towers!

  1. glitchwave says:

    huuuh? tile towers trophy on mobile? i’ve played tile towers for years on mobile and i’ve only ever encountered the trophy through a desktop arcade challenge. is it like, ultra ultra rare? or was that a typo?

  2. 123trp says:

    How do you get the trophy on the mobile app? Is it random?

  3. neena98 says:

    Is there any way I can get and play the events page with out turning off my computer on and off for each of my webkinz? I have four accounts and the only way I can get the daily events page prizes is to log off and then on again for each of my pets. Can someone Please help me? Thank you.

  4. snugup9 says:

    Why can’t you get a trophy on the Classic Desktop App? That doesn’t make sense. Seems it would be easier to add the trophy to the Classic Desktop app since most of the other trophies are already on the Classic Desktop App. Since I am not going to play Webkinz Next and I don’t put apps on my phone, I guess I will never be able to get one, except when they have special events. This doesn’t seem fair to me since it would be so easy to add the trophy to the Webkinz Classic Desktop.

  5. caseyspacey says:

    Off-topic For those who still don’t what’s retiring on August 1st, the superbed Starburst Cloud Bed, Wish Factory exclusives Lion Topiary & Kinzville Window, Recess Wheel prizes Science Station & Librarian’s Desk, and Recess Dig prizes Ms. Cowoline Plush & Lab Goggles.

  6. kaitgomez says:

    I love this game!

  7. dewdropkinz says:

    Webkinz Classic isn’t available for me on the Play Store- it says my Android is too new of a version :( Will the app be updated to be played on newer phones?

  8. brhuggs1 says:

    What score do you have to get on the mobile app in order to receive the trophy?

  9. Sonari says:

    Such cool trophies! To post this I logged in, but then doing peek-a-newz didn’t actually send the prize to my account, which is linked. What’s going on with our Newz accounts? Also – are flowers not growing in Next? I’ve waited around like I usually do for a few days now and I haven’t seen one flower pop up. Thanks!

    • kaye10 says:

      hi, i have noticed that to claim any prizes here lately we are asked to give our account info, even though already logged in. also, i have been able to get flowers, but not always the first time i go out into the common areas–try again later & also seems to help to check out my friends list, etc. good luck, k.

      • Sonari says:

        Thank you so much for your input. I tried your suggestions, for fetching flowers, and I did eventually get 3 today, though it took waaaaaay longer than usual. Something is definitely different, but I appreciate the advice, especially since today getting flowers became part of the season task list! =)

      • gemrysforest says:

        Been in and out of buildings, checked the friend list, for over an hour; no weeds for me. But I’ll keep trying. 19 days left, after all.

    • lizzy57 says:

      about peek a newz–since the last update it looks like the accounts info is all messed up. they send the prize to the wrong account. one of my accounts gets three prize boxes and some get none. the last up date did a glitch re guarding this. they will hae to fix it.

    • rach1794 says:

      They’ve changed (not well) the login system. The login at the top is a Ganzworld login (and I believe if it was the same as our WK login prizes used to be awarded there). When I signed in with the pop up screen it asked for a WK login and for me it associated the WK with all subsequent GW logins that day. The points were different and the avatar was different for the WK login. At some point for two of my three accounts, the points were updated on my new WK login and if I mistakenly did the GW log in it went to the corresponding account. One of my accounts has still not been linked. What I do (for all my accounts now) is to not use the top log in at all and to click on the monthly food prize to sign into the WK account. As soon as I’ve finished collecting prizes for that account, I do the log out and then click on the monthly prize and do the WK sign in.

  10. eigram says:

    Tile Towers is one of my favorite games — and I LOVE the music!

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