Trouble Logging in on Chrome?



If you’re having trouble logging into Webkinz when you are using the Google Chrome browser it could be because you or your parents have recently updated your Chrome browser on your PC. Chrome 76 by default blocks Flash in the browser. Ask your parents to update your browser to allow Flash to run for Webkinz. Below are the steps they should follow to enable Flash.


  • Visit and click on PLAY (Allow Flash message shows)
  • You will notice that clicking on ‘Allow’ will show a “Plugin blocked” message on the right side of Chrome’s address bar
  • Click the blocked plugin icon in Chrome’s address bar and click “Manage.” This takes you to the Flash settings page. You can also access flash settings directly by typing the following url in the browser’s address bar -
  • chrome://settings/content/flash
  • Click the toggle here to set Chrome to “Ask first” rather than the default “Block sites from running Flash (recommended.)”


Now, reload Click on PLAY and click “Allow” in the message box.

79 Responses to Trouble Logging in on Chrome?

  1. filomenad says:

    I have been waiting 4 days now to get my account fixed, i emailed webkinz support and tried to change my password but nothing is working, what can i do. i can not login with my new or old password. I emailed webkinz support with password change 3 times now

  2. filomenad says:

    My account asked me to reset my password and i did, after a day i tried logging in using my new password and it did not let me login, i even used my old password as well. I tried to reset my password from my email but it said there was an error while doing it, what should i do?

  3. Werin7 says:

    i had to make a new password but now neither the old password or the new password is working, i tried email recovery but I made this account 8 years ago and the email i though i’d used isn’t working. I have over 10 pets and 8 years experiance that i don’t want to lose, is there any way of recovery?

  4. Sollace says:

    Not sure if this is an anniversary surprise. . .. On logging in today all of my passwords had to be changed for ‘security reasons.’ Yes. On all six accounts. Something about 8 letters and some still had 8.

  5. AlligatorHunter678 says:

    Maybe a dumb question, but I really want to know what type of cat is in this picture?? It’s so cute and I can’t find it anywhere!

  6. momdadabby1222 says:

    try brave as a web browser it works fine for me

  7. T3rri says:

    Chrome is no longer going to allow Flash Player after this year. Webkinz needs to update their system or everyone is going to have to use Firefox to play. Especially since the desktop app seems to never work either.

  8. autumnferret says:

    Mine is automatically set to allow flash, yet it still asks me at least 95% of the time. Chrome will also no longer be supporting flash by the end of this year. So is the site going to keep using it? If so then I am done since I am not going to install another browser just for this site.

  9. marnabear1 says:

    Since the last update the allow flash does not appear when you click on play. You have to click on the padlock to allow flash. The instructions need to be updated.

    • SarahBeara523 says:

      Thank you for the padlock instruction — I have not been able to play Webkinz since July, after playing for more than 10 years…. Been too busy to figure it out. I think I am rolling again.

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