Try to find the Tawny Lion Cub!

Uh oh! The Tawny Lion Cub has wandered off and is lost in the bush. Can you help to track it down?


Look for the Tawny Lion Cub floating through Webkinz World every day from August 1 to 14. If you find the cub, you will win one of the awesome prizes shown below!


Deluxe members can find the Tawny Lion Cub up to twice a day, and free and full members can find the Tawny Lion Cub once a day. And of course, you can always find this cute little cub at Ganz eStore or the W Shop, where it comes with its PSF, the Sweet Safari Nook, and its PSF, Crispy Plantain Chips.


So be sure to log into Webkinz World every day between August 1 and 14 and find that Tawny Lion Cub!


30 Responses to Try to find the Tawny Lion Cub!

  1. bed says:

    Hi; Does anyone have an extra pair of the safari boots ??? Would love them to complete my outfit… username is 7bed.. Thanks so much

  2. superdudemutt says:

    I wished for the whole safari set. Did not get the hat and jacket. I got extra shorts, shoes and glasses.

  3. ejnitka says:

    why are the stuffed melon & snake prizes? They are old. Sorry I did this day after day for for that. :(

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