Wacky Zingoz Celebration 2019



Let’s get Wacky! This year’s Wacky Zingoz Celebration runs from August 1st – 11th in Webkinz World. Click on a button below to find out what you can win!


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  1. princessbw says:

    Michael or Sally…Could you please explain what the difference is between the Wacky Zingoz Triple Trophy Champ Badge & the Zingoz Celebration Wacky Thrills Badge? I would like to get both but not sure exactly what I have to do. Thank You!

    • puprim says:

      It’s the weekend so I doubt you will get an answer as this celebration finishes tomorrow. To get the Zingoz Wacky Thrills badge you have to get 3 trophies. Not sure about the Wacky Zingoz Triple Champ Badge because I haven’t earned it yet but I think you have to win 3 trophies in One play. If that is the case then I would like to know if anyone has ever done it.

  2. jsforfr says:

    I wish the milkshakes at least gave something as compensation when feeding them, since the car seems to be extremely rare. Feels like a waste when you sit and stare at the screen for so long catching floaties and then it turns out to be for nothing, when you don’t even win a prize. 20 shakes now fed between accounts and nothing but wasted time so far to show for it. Not the greatest start to a supposed celebration.

    • Michael Webkinz says:

      You can do it! Remember, it’s only the second day of the Wack Zingoz Celebration. I was actually surprised. I won the bumper car on my second try…

      • dudeman17 says:

        Good for you Michael Webkinz and all the others who have found the bumper cars so easily. I have feed my pets 14 of the milkshakes I have collected since this Celebration started and I have yet to win a bumper car.

        • kaye10 says:

          hi & this goes out to all…a little patience ;) we have lots of days & lots of chances–I have already won two by not worrying about it as there is always the trading room, but you will all likely get one before the promotion is up. best, k.

    • Alphaowlbear says:

      Just wanted you to know that you weren’t the only one who didn’t win a Wacky bumper car yesterday – I am crossing my fingers that my luck will change today. Make sure that your pets are awake and hungry when you feed them milkshakes. Best Wishes!

      • jsforfr says:

        Thank you for letting me know that I am not alone in my bad luck. It is pretty disheartening when you see just how much luck is factored into these types of events, when you know you are on the bad side of it. It’s a pretty different event for someone who is getting the prize left and right, than someone who has nothing to show for the same time and effort put into it. If my luck doesn’t turn around soon I may give up in another day or two. It truly does not feel worth how much time it takes to sit and look at the screen to catch these floaties that yield nothing. I wouldn’t be catching them at all if they were only food and to me that’s all they are, if they don’t ever give the prize. I do wish you good luck in the future days of this event, hopefully you won’t come away empty handed.

    • MolBal says:

      The cars are rare also cannot get one.

      • dudeman17 says:

        Someone had posted that they were not going to be as hard to get as the sour seed packets but I beg to differ. I think finding a car milkshake is MUCH harder! So far I have fed my pets 19 milkshakes with nothing but “thanks” or “burp(s)” to show for it.

        • jsforfr says:

          Just wanted to update that I did finally receive 1 bumper car prize, after losing count of exactly how many milkshakes. Between my accounts, has to be around 80 milkshakes. So 1 out of 80… that’s pretty terrible odds considering if someone maintains only 1 regular account, they won’t even receive 80 throughout the entire event. You shouldn’t have to have a bunch of accounts to receive one prize during an event, one account should be good enough.

        • dudeman17 says:

          I only have one account and I am pleased to say that after 28 milkshakes I also finally won a bumper car. Over the many, many years I have been a member I have never had such a difficult time getting an item offered as a prize. It does seem as if there are many more Grinch’s deciding how all prizes for all the games are distributed. I realize that everyone needs to understand that it is important that nothing is too easy but it is also important for Webkinz to realize that there is a point at which people will give up and they will lose the players who help promote their site as well as keep this site so popular and profitable.

  3. RandaPanda523 says:

    What a fun day in Webkinz! I was shocked to win a bumper car on my third Wacky shake. :) I played WackER Zingoz until I finally won the headphones and the stander. I’m dying to win the backpack sometime during this event. So much fun! On the other hand, getting a 599.6 feet on the Wacky game nearly killed me, lol. Sooooo close. Everybody have fun!

    • Rocky5465 says:

      I’m so happy, within 15 or so minutes of playing I won 2 trophy’s! Oddly I won the Win Three Trophy’s and you get a badge even though I got too, must be a glitch, glad I got the badge though! But I understand ya, I get like 1 point off or even 599 a lot, and its so excruciatingly annoying and I’m like AHHHHHHH! Haha but I learned, “Keep Calm And Wack On” lol I just thought of that, they need to make a shirt of it though! ^-^

      • MommaSays says:

        I think it remembers when you played Wacky Zingoz before, because I had only got the one last year and then I got 2 more this year so I got the badge Too!

  4. BH1464 says:

    I can’t play WackyER Zingoz very well at all so I haven’t been able to win any of the nice prizes.

    • ImaPepper says:

      Don’t give up; you can do it! How far or how high Wacky flies depends a bit on when you whack him. Hit him too soon and he goes high but short distance. Let him fall a little and he’ll go farther. I usually save the jet pack for the last hit or to get past a difficult obstacle; you get a bonus for hitting the target, and bonus points for not using all your hits. Don’t forget to check the map at the top of the game; it will give you clues on whether to try to hit Wacky to go high or low to get through the obstacles. Good luck!

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