TWO New Plush! TWO Pet Codes Each!

We’re thrilled to introduce our two newest plush pets, available now at Ganz eStore! Meet the Giraffe and the Grey Tabby! Each adorable plush pet comes with two codes for virtual pets – one for Webkinz Next and one for Webkinz Classic.


Meet the Giraffe!


Feeding a giraffe may seem like a tall order, but this pet just loves its PSF, the Acacia Leaf Frittata! And the Giraffe can always find a spot to relax beneath its PSI, the Lovely Acacia Tree!


 Webkinz Plush pets


Meet the Grey Tabby!


There’s nothing fishy about the fact that this pet loves its PSF, a Tuna Melt Medley, especially when it’s relaxing on its PSI, the Kitty Condo!



And did you know? Shipping is included with every plush purchase!


65 Responses to TWO New Plush! TWO Pet Codes Each!

  1. catloverdoglover says:

    If I were to choose between the giraffe or the cat I would choose the cat! Its so adorable my B-day is coming up and I am hoping that my parents would get it for me! lol

  2. wk2nd says:

    Are you releasing a Christmas pet for Next?

  3. leaveitnow41s says:

    Hey Ganz! The Retriever is sold out but is the pig? Landrice pig not showing up to buy. I got my friend a membership and she collects pigs! Thought I’d get her a Pig for her Next account for Christmas

  4. EmilyCuteHeart says:

    The Grey Tabby Cat on Classic doesn’t have a muzzle when it’s sleeping from what I can tell. Is that going to be updated? ‘^^

  5. 321bca says:

    I almost wanted one of these when I realized these are the same thing as TY’s! I wish these had a original design but I can still tell that Webkinz is trying. also getting the rainbow retriever is a total money pit because first you have to buy a unicorn and then you have to use one of its sparks that it will never get back and even then YOU STLL HAVE TO BUY THE RAINBOW RETRIEVER! and all this for JUST ONE PLUSH!! Please webkinz I beg of you to fix this or find a way to make it better!
    sincerely, The_Maverick

  6. NANA23 says:

    I got the new giraffe but the code for the Webkinz Classic will not work. I have tried to contact the but my emails keep getting a permanent error message. Can you please help. Thanks

  7. mochidochi says:

    I just think the pets are so much cuter in Classic.

    • unilemon says:

      I know, right? They would seriously need to fix that to get someone who loves Webkinz Classic (like me) to-first-PLAY W Next-and second-actually care about the pets on it. – Sorry, I’m super passionate about this topic, lol. Webkinz Classic forever!

      • leaveitnow41s says:

        I thought the same at first but my mind has changed. I love Next babies. I had to slow down. Let Classic be Classic. Why would you expect new and improved to be the same?

        • leaveitnow41s says:

          I play both every day.

          • catloverdoglover says:

            I agree on both sides. I love classic for its charm. If that makes sense. lol. But I really like Next for the arcade and that you can be with real people and etc.

          • megamom12 says:

            There are advantages to both and I love both sites. I do however agree that the Classic pets are more charming. While the new pets are sweet, they are too much like Beanie Boos and not a more unique version of the Classic pets. Actually they were really stepping up their game with the Classic plush pets. I understand that making virtual versions of the more…creative pets is a plus. Not to mention that the virtual pets mean that I don’t need to find more storage space that I’m running out of, a new plush for classic would be nice now and again. We will see down the road what happens. Times change and we adapt, but there is something to be said for tradition. Perhaps at Christmas time?

  8. Itswebkinztime says:

    My giraffe was also missing the code for Webkinz Classic! You’re not the only one haha. I contacted webkinz support too.

  9. pmc313 says:

    I got the new giraffe but only got one code for the new webkinz nothing for the classic?

  10. catzruleandzz says:

    That kitty is sooo cute. Wish I could get one.

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