TWO New Plush! TWO Pet Codes Each!

We’re thrilled to introduce our two newest plush pets, available now at Ganz eStore! Meet the Giraffe and the Grey Tabby! Each adorable plush pet comes with two codes for virtual pets – one for Webkinz Next and one for Webkinz Classic.


Meet the Giraffe!


Feeding a giraffe may seem like a tall order, but this pet just loves its PSF, the Acacia Leaf Frittata! And the Giraffe can always find a spot to relax beneath its PSI, the Lovely Acacia Tree!


 Webkinz Plush pets


Meet the Grey Tabby!


There’s nothing fishy about the fact that this pet loves its PSF, a Tuna Melt Medley, especially when it’s relaxing on its PSI, the Kitty Condo!



And did you know? Shipping is included with every plush purchase!


65 Responses to TWO New Plush! TWO Pet Codes Each!

  1. aishi says:

    Would love for the cow to come back! Or a chicken or horse! Please :)

  2. StrwberyBananaKittie says:

    Hey everyone! Does anyone have name ideas for the grey cat? I just got mine but I can’t decide what to name her!

  3. sherryeberhard says:

    My grey cat came in only 7 days. Now I need 150 Pink Diamonds to spark a baby. I wish there were a different way to buy them as I don’t know my Apple ID or password. I guess I need to figure it out!

  4. cat2f says:

    These are cute but I really miss the old plushies :(

  5. sherryeberhard says:

    I’ve ordered the grey tabby but it will take two weeks to arrive. I wish I could purchase the virtual pet through the estore and get it right away.

  6. twdfan says:

    They are so cute

  7. wk2nd says:

    Are you planning on a Christmas/holiday pet???

  8. greencar says:

    I got the kitty!! It is adorable!!!! Really enjoying webkinz next!!

  9. SugarP says:

    I think the giraffe’s neck needs to be longer but other than that they look nice!

  10. MumboDumbo says:

    I love Webkinz!!! I really want to get these cuties!

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