Ultimate Collector’s Items – Trophies!


Continuing our series about some of the most difficult-to-find items in Webkinz World, here’s a look at some very special trophies!


Many of these trophies were only ever given out once or twice for contests that were run in the early days. Here’s how each of these were originally awarded:


    • Crafty Critterz Trophy – Awarded to a player whose craft suggestion was used on our (now-removed) Crafty Critterz posts


    • Director’s Chair – Awarded to the winners of the Movie Studio contest (you can still see the winning entries on any Webkinz TV!)


    • Master Chef Trophy – Awarded for winning a Secret Recipe design contest


    • Member of the Day Trophy – Awarded each day to a player who has set up a My Page profile (you can still win this!)


    • Room Design Trophy (Paint Roller) – Awarded for winning a room design contest


    • Room Design Trophy (Wallpaper and Scissors) – Awarded for winning a room design contest


    • Writing Trophy (Glasses) – Awarded for winning a writing contest


    • Writing Trophy (Book) – Awarded for winning a writing contest


    • Writing Trophy (Inkwell) – Awarded for winning a writing contest

    • Writing Trophy (Typewriter)  – Awarded for winning a writing contest


What other ultimate collector’s items would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!


80 Responses to Ultimate Collector’s Items – Trophies!

  1. adara917 says:

    i love how the colors yellow and dark blue are used in the trophies and i wish i had one! i always wondered what crafty critters was and now i know! i wish these contests would still go on (i bet i would have stood a chance in winning the movie one)! congrats 2 anyone with them! i love collectors items!

  2. iloveolaf2014 says:

    I have none of these lol

  3. yamg370 says:

    I like the member of the day trophy.

  4. joann741 says:

    is there an actual customer service for webkinz anymore? I called an 800 a few years ago. I can’t find it on the website anymore. It says if I have an issue, email but I don’t even see the email address. I forgot to log in yesterday(only day I missed). I logged in today and noticed most of my furniture and objects from “my stuff” is missing. No one else has my password. I have the same amount of kinzcash so its not like it was sold or sent in kinzpost. Please help. I had 3 or 4 superbeds. Tons of other rare & valuable items I was keeping for the trading room.

  5. Jellybean6 says:

    The Crafty Critterz one is cute! Mostly because I like koalas :D!

  6. arianatootlebug says:

    Love all the trophies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. pbjello says:

    hey ganz my W shop did not work right today (it did not have the items) and some of the items in my dock are not there any more. is there a reason for this? i wanted to buy the new stripes theme items.

  8. dune456 says:

    Those are very cool!! Worth winning. i”ve entered contest but never won. i’d NEVER TRADE OR SELL them if i had won them..

  9. elvira says:

    can you show super rare items that you cant get anywhere but at the curio shop? or items from a certain theme, like victorian, egyptian, gothic, or medieval?

  10. xhellokitty96 says:

    Does anybody have the DiceKinz trophy? I do XD

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