Update #229


Hi everyone! Today is update #229 in Webkinz and you’re going to love what’s happening.


Valentines is just around the corner, so be sure to log in on February 14th to claim your special gift! Also, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, don’t forget that the Valentines Collection event is on. Get these brand new themed items while you still can.



New Mobile Zone items have been added to the WShop on Mobile.  Downloading the Webkinz app is simple and will give you access to these amazing new items in seconds.




I’m looking forward to visiting the Kinzville Park later this month because I get to meet all you awesome folks! I hope you’ll be there to hang out with me– I even have some prizes to give away!



This is such an exciting year to be a part of Webkinz because it’s our 10th Anniversary! We have a ton of fantastic events lined up and have recently started a community contest to submit designs for a new Webkinz. If you haven’t already, download the templates and start designing – the contest ends on February 16th.



That’s all for for now. Be sure to read Webkinz Newz every day for the latest changes and information on Webkinz. See you next time!


Mayor of Kinzville


79 Responses to Update #229

  1. RainbowDash716 says:

    Hi guys! I am ordering a Webkinz American German Shepherd because when I saw Michael’s pet (did I spell it right?) in the Let’s build a TV room ad I thought to myself “Oh my gosh! That is adorable! I have to get myself one!”. So I ordered it off from Amazon. Can anyone think of names for this cute GSD (Sorry I’m getting off-topic)? :)

  2. kingdomheartsnerd says:

    Gennnelle, I am confused as to where the new mobile shop items are… I was looking for the white beret and denim skirt that were advertised but I cannot get them in the app. Is there something I did wrong?

  3. lilypugrulestoo says:

    how come the Mayor is not in the park?…I have been looking all day

  4. iowasadie says:

    this is awsome but i cant wait till they get some less duluxe but thx for the awsome update im going to the park woop woop!!!!!!!

  5. marnabear1 says:

    I just want to say that Ganz has outdone itself this maintenance as far as the number of glitches go. First Cinnamon would not fork over that last chocolate. They did fix that. But now the pets are showing zeros in their levels and they have really picked on deluxe players this time: an invisible microscope, booting when you try to do the wheel of deluxe, and now poor Sheldon can’t sell anything. I am not sure what they did in this maintenance but they sure introduced what might be a record number of glitches.

    • Gennelle Webkinz says:

      The microscope, an unforeseen issue, is fixed, and we’re working on the health, hunger, happiness issue. If you feed your pet something, it should go back up.

      • marnabear1 says:

        Sometimes my pet is not actually hungry and if I can feed my pet, only the hunger level goes up and the next time I log on the numbers are back to zero.

        • ccllaa09 says:

          yeah all my pets are sad even though their stats are all at 100… its making Me sad :( i wonder what happened? it WAS a huge awesome update, so i guess a few glitches are expected but this is really bad.

          • RainbowDash716 says:

            This happens on probably 3/4 of the accounts. It’s happening to my pets (Dashie, Garfield, Butch, Milky Way, Snowflake, and all of my other ones. Please fix it, Webkinz ( there might be a bug or something that causes this)! If you did I’ll have to give you credit!

        • iowasadie says:

          mine too i know what you mean OW cat claw lol! weird kitten!

      • 1Emerald1 says:

        My pets are still at zero as of Sunday the 15th, & when I try to feed them they say they’re full & can’t eat another bite. Good luck sorting it all out.

        • 1Emerald1 says:

          Okay so now it’s three days later, still experiencing the same issues with no end in sight. Nothing but glitches on Webkinz Newz and in Webkinz World. I’m sure glad I paid for a deluxe membership, I love being unable to participate in events, being repeatedly logged out for no reason & being told to endanger my computer data by disabling ad block. Seriously? Don’t bother to renew me.

    • ImaPepper says:

      I thought we were the only ones experiencing that issue with Cinnamon! We have two accounts, and on one account we couldn’t get one of the chocolates. I had to use eStore points to get the last chocolate…very frustrating.

  6. Gennelle Webkinz says:

    You have to be at least a Full member to buy the rooms.

  7. MEGWEBKINZ says:

    Gennelle, every time I log in today my pets happiness, health, and hunger are all at zero! How do I fix this? ~Hug a Pug~

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