URGENT: Keep Playing With the Desktop App!


Due to an issue beyond our control, as of January 1, 2021, Webkinz Classic will no longer work on browsers. The Flash plug-in, which is required for our site to run will not be supported by browsers after December 31, 2020.


The good news is that Webkinz Classic has a downloadable Desktop App that functions exactly the same way as our original site, but it doesn’t require a browser in order to play!


To make sure your play is uninterrupted, it’s important to download the Desktop App as soon as possible.


Ask your parents for help downloading the Desktop App and installing it on your computer.


Downloading the app is simple. Just visit the Webkinz homepage, and click one of the download buttons. There is a version for Windows and a version for Mac.



When the download has completed click on the wxsetup.exe in Windows or wxsetup.dmg on Mac in your Downloads folder and follow the prompts.


Once it is installed, you’re all set! You can continue to enjoy the same game you know and love!


And remember – you must install the Webkinz Classic Desktop App before January 2021 in order to enjoy uninterrupted play.

379 Responses to URGENT: Keep Playing With the Desktop App!

  1. spootyquackers says:

    ive had the desktop app and even had to reinstall once before today, so today it wont launch an has a set up pop up an quits …. hoping this is fixable on your end? i do believe its update related and dislike having to uninstall things

  2. tayisgae says:

    i cant find the link to download the classic app for mac (not ios), can someone post it please?

  3. lollya says:

    so i cant get the app now???

  4. 90skidzrule says:

    For players using Windows, there is a substitution method for minimizing the Webkinz Classic screen! If you press and hold the Alt key and press the Tab key once while still holding the Alt key, a window will pop up in the middle of the screen that you can switch between active apps. While still holding the Alt key, press the Tab key to select which app you want to go to. When you select the app you want, simply let go of the Alt key and you’re there! Hope this helps!

  5. sunnyten10 says:

    I wish you’d give us the ability to save our username and password. It’s difficult for those of us who have multiple accounts to sign in every time.

  6. Barryfam2020 says:

    I just would like to say as a long time Webkinz user, and my siblings and even my mom, the desktop app is not optimal being full screen. Is there a way to change it, please? we are honestly considering stopping, though we don’t want to because you have to log out anytime you want to do anything else. The new webkinz game can be minimized-so why can’t this?

  7. rachel14h says:

    I’ve had the Webkinz desktop app downloaded since it first came out, but the past few weeks I’ve had problems playing. I can log in, but I just get a blue screen with the top hotbar (mail, cellphone, etc). No matter how long I wait, it doesn’t load. I’m unable to click on anything except for the mail, inbox, and cellphone. When I do that, the left hotbar with challenges pops up, but when I exit out of the mail, inbox, or cellphone, the top hotbar disappears and I’m left with the challenges on the left side. I’ve tried redownloading the desktop app, but I still get the same problem. I’m worried because I can no longer play webkinz on the website because flash doesn’t support it anymore. I also just bought a year long deluxe and now I can’t play at all. I emailed webkinz support but haven’t gotten a response.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Try uninstalling first, then downloading and installing a fresh copy from webkinz.com

      • rachel14h says:

        I had tried deleting and reinstalling before but it hadn’t worked. This time, I realized I might need to search my entire computer for webkinz instead of just where I put the webkinz icon. I deleted everything that related to the new webkinz desktop app and reinstalled it from the webkinz homepage. It finally worked! Thank you and I hope anyone else having this problem can fix it as well.

  8. ssquazi says:

    Is there no way for old members to regain all of their old data and pets?

  9. FreeBird says:

    The “strength” in Kinzville Academy was already hard enough, now with the desk top it is impossible! The Lift button sticks every time you press it – guess the rest of my pets will never get the diploma. So frustrating!

  10. Imtiredofthis says:

    Is there a way to make the desktop app not full screen?

    • 73kibarry says:

      I’ve been asking the same question. I do not like it full screen. I haven’t even noticed any other things because I just started today but I can’t stand logging out and logging in everytime I want to do something else on my computer. That was a perk of Webkinz- you could do homework, take a short break and play or work and take a short break and play but the full screen feature is frustrating to say the least. Though I am grateful we can still play just would like it to be able to be minimized @SallyWebkinz

      • TRINSTER says:

        If you are on a mac, just move the cursor up to the top of the screen to make that bar appear, and down to the bottom to make your dock appear even while you are in the game. You can click on any icon and go there right away, and when you click Webkinz again you go right back and you aren’t logged out.

    • coral says:

      I love the full screen .

      • 73kibarry says:

        I don’t like it because I don’t have the option. I was setting up a giveaway and I ususally paste the items into a word doc but I can’t now with it full screen. I guess everyone has their preference.

        • Gooseberrypatch says:

          The games appear to be much smaller than they were in the original version. Is there any way to make the games bigger! I can barely see them. You have tons of unused space to make the games bigger!! I played the old version until today when they wouldn’t let me. PLEASE make the games bigger! Does anyone else have this problem???

          • TRINSTER says:

            On my screen the games look the same as they did before. I do wish they used the whole screen though — that would be awesome!

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